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Totoro Chiffon Cake

It’s simply TOO cute to eat! Made with Daisy Sehebat Chef Margarine, the fluffiness of this Totoro Chiffon Cake is to die for  P.S....
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Korean Pajeon

Do you love all sorts of Korean food or perhaps you miss your time in Korea?  Here’s an easy recipe on...
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Chocolate Peanut Tart

Chocolate tastes good. Peanut even better! But together, a Chocolate Peanut Tart tastes HEAVENLY!Forget about grinding peanuts manually, we made...
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Mojito Mocktail Popsicle

Heads up! This is the Mojito Mocktail Popsicle recipe everyone’s been raving about! Discover a brand new luxurious sweet experience with this popsicle...
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Easy Homemade Bagel

Looking for something quick, tasty and healthy to start off your day? Our EASY Homemade Bagel is perfect for you With...
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Multigrain Soy Milk Tart

We’re always craving for a good tart So we thought, why not add a twist to the traditional egg tart by...
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Ruby Tart

Taste the bitter side of sweet with this Ruby Tart Recipe Made with Pertama Springrolls Manufacturer M Sdn.Bhd. Pastry, the taste of pastry combined with...
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Kuih Lapis Merdeka

Merdeka~ Merdeka~ Merdeka~ Celebrate Merdeka with Kuih Lapis Merdeka. Kuih Lapis Merdeka 360 g Rice flour90 g MFM Cap Ros90 g...
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Malaysian Swirl

Malaysian Swirl 250 g Lukewarm water5 g Active dry yeast60 g Granulated sugar450 g Haru Sakura42 g Olive oilJalur Gemilang...
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