1.2m FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM | See This Inspiring Gal Share Her Vegan Recipes

If  you know Jay Shetty, you might know Radhi, because she is his wife!

She is a beautiful, fun and inspiring woman who shares wonderful healthy and easy recipes.

This was the creamy pasta she made! Just look at that perfect texture!

You can’t tell me this chocolate tiffin does not look sexy, cause it sooooo does!

Chocolate Avocado Smoothie Bowl – PERFECTION.

Sprouted Moong Baked Falafel. Now this will really keep you full and satisfied.

Custard Berry Tartlet. Omg. I really want this.

Gluten free blondies! YUMMM.

She also posts a lot of motivational, lifestyle tips and other awesome content!

You can check her out on Instagram

All credits go to the respective owners.

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