10 Most Popular and Tasty Boba Teas in Klang Valley | ‘Par-tea’ with Boba tea

The world is being taken over by the hype of Boba Tea. If you haven’t tried any of this, oh boy, I feel so sorry for you hahaha. Not to worry though, it’s never too late to join the hype! So here some of the best and popular Boba Teas that you gotta try!

1. Gong Cha

Image Credit : Gong Cha

Now this was one of the first Boba Teas that arrived in Malaysia since April 2011. The term ‘Gong Cha’ means to offer tea to royalty. This is the concept Gong Cha is trying to deliver for their customers, which is to serve the highest quality of tea that is fit for royalty. And lemme tell you something, I definitely agree! By far, all of the flavors I had tasted never disappointed me.

Image Credit : https://www.instagram.com/p/BxT1l46HPPq/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

I really enjoyed the QQ Passion Fruit Green Tea (from the Creative Mixes Series) for it’s sour and sweet notes. Plus the toppings and fruit pulps gives it texture. Additionally, they also have other drinks like Health Teas and even Lattes! You should definitely check ‘em out.

2. The Alley

Image Credit : foodpanda

Yes almost everyone has seen the famous Deer Symbol that represents The Alley. What’s unique about this Boba Tea Joint is that they make their own tapioca pearls by hand from scratch. This results in chewy, soft tapioca pearls. Since they make it from scratch, their pearls are customized to come in a few unique flavors.

Some of their best selling flavors are included in the Brown Sugar Deerioca Series and Milk Tea Series (of courseee). As a Matcha Lover, my go-to is the Brown Sugar Deerioca Matcha Latte. If you were wondering what Deerioca is, it refers to their own handmade sugar cane syrup. They prioritize the quality of their ingredients to ensure you get a sophisticated experience.

3. Daboba

Image Credit : lokataste

These Boba Teas come with a cover that is shaped like a cute bear with ears. The flavor is definitely as strong as bears (maybe that’s why they chose the logo as such ahaha). They are the ones who pioneered the Honey Golden Pearl Green Milk Tea flavor and has been a hit ever since. The Honey Golden Pearl refers to pearls that are golden instead of the traditional black ones.

They have a ton of flavors and you may notice that their pearls are smaller and chewier. (which is totally fancy!) One of my favourite flavors is their Roasted Brown Sugar Milk Tea. The toastiness of the brown sugar coupled with the milk tea is just heavenly!

4. Black Whale

Image Credit : Black Whale

Now I really am not sure what’s with the trend behind the animal brand names, but I do think it’s absolutely fun ahahaha! They have tons of series including one of the latest – Dalgona! Besides that, they also sell ice cream and creme brulee. I absolutely enjoyed their Fiery Brown Sugar Black Whale Milk. It was certainly fiery because it lit the passion in my soul! Their brown sugar was so sweet and the taste of the milk was luscious and satisfying.

5. Chizu

So I was walking by the shopping mall at NU Sentral and I stumbled upon this paradize. Chizu has a range of wonderful beverages and my favourite is, hmm honestly it’s really hard to pick! So I’m going to name a few, Strawberry Macchiato (Cheese Macchiato Series) , First Love (Fruit Tea Series) and Ube Blueberries (Pearl Tea Series).

You may also notice that there is always another section that serves croissants that goes by the name of Honzu. They are actually sister companies. This is what makes this Boba Tea Cafe even more special, you can enjoy a multitude of different types of croissant flavors – sweet to savoury! Drop by here to enjoy delicious boba tea with delicate croissants at the side.

6. KOI Thé

Image Credit : johornow

This is another Boba Tea Outlet that has smaller pearls and are also golden in color! They started out their popularity in Singapore around 2007 and have taken over Malaysians hearts now too. Flavors that are hyped about are the Golden Bubble Green Tea, Matcha Macchiato and Golden Bubble Oolong Milk Tea. Personally I love their Fresh Passion Fruit Aloe Vera because of it’s fruity and chewy bits in the drink. Absolute yum!

7. Chatto

Image Credit : Chatto

I got introduced only recently by a friend. And boy I thanked him! Chatto is known as a handcrafted tea bar. Just a walk into their cafe and you will feel a tranquil vibe. You can control the sweetness level just like most boba teas to fit your preferences.

Some of their well known choices are Charcoal Pearl Oolong Tea, Cheese Hojicha and the Matcha Peal Latte (I adored this one!). They also serve light food and Japanese snacks since their cafe is modeled and inspired by Japanese Tea Bars.

8. Regiustea

Image Credit : regiustea

If you want a premium type of feeling. You can try Regius Tea. Their tea leaves are solved for more than 8hours to extract the flavor and nutrients as much as possible. What makes them different is they top their drinks with cheese foam made freshly everyday that is flown all the way from New Zealand. You can see why it’s such a premium product.

They have around 9 tea series to date, from Milk Teas, Fruit Teas, Yogurt to even Coffee. My favourite was the Signature Chocolate Cheese. Oof! The richness of the cheese with chocolatey goodness made me feel like I wanna shoot a commercial and promote this product hahaha.

9. Xing Fu Tang

Image Credit : penangfoodie

Another trendy Boba Tea option! They take pride in their unique process of stir-frying the pearls in brown sugars to give a nice smokey flavor. They also have an open kitchen layout so customers can enjoy the process of watching how their boba tea is made. They ensure there are no preservatives or artificial syrups are added to give you high quality and fresh tasting tea. They also have a Dalgona Coffee Series to give you an exquisite experience! They have a lot of flavors that come in both hot and cold so you can choose which you like best!

10. Tealive

Image Credit :caketogether

Going back to the basics, this was one of the most popular boba tea options in the past. Their pearls are huge and chewy and definitely will make you feel like a happy kid! Other than their Milk Tea Series, they also have a serieses like Smoothies, Crafted Tea, Sparkling Juice, Coco and Coffee. There tend to be many promos depending on the day of the week, so be sure to check ‘em out accordingly!

Voila. A guide to Boba Teas. Your day is going to feel like a ‘Par-tea’ with Boba tea! So go get some right now!

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