12 Easy & Quick Decorating and Dessert Ideas | Simple Tutorial

Everyone loves cakes, and everyone loves cakes that look amazing! In this article, we show you 10 Easy and Quick Cake Decorating Ideas that you can try next time you are baking a cake for someone or maybe just to treat your own self (cause everyone deserves a good cake!) We also share when and for whom it may be suitable for, as well as how you could customize it.

1. Ice Cream Cone Topper Cake

This cake is definitely colorful! 

The sides are made using sprinkles and the top has white frosting. Ice cream in cones are then popped into it. 

This cake will be suitable for birthday parties and especially for kids or teenagers.

You can customize it by changing the color of the sprinkles or the flavor of ice cream used to give it the same color theme.

2. Strawberry Surprise

A hole with surprise!

Yes, this cake has a hole made to be filled with a genius amount of strawberries.

It’s simple and yet a nice idea for parties and for girls.

You can change it up by adding different fruits such as:

  • Blueberries 
  • Kiwi
  • Raspberries 
  • Cranberries

3. Swissroll Dome with Fruits

Bet you haven’t seen anything like this!

This cake first by preparing the swissroll, then it is cut into slices and arranged to form a bowl by using an actual bowl as the mould. It is stuck together thanks to the buttercream. Fruits are also placed between each layer of buttercream.

A fun cake to bring to a party. This is also great for kids and teenagers who have a colorful personality. 

You can customize the fruits added to your taste but the ones added in the video were:

  • Strawberry
  • Kiwi
  • Dragonfruit

4.   Unicorn Ice Cream Sandwich

These look so pretty! Your guests will definitely be wowed!

You can see how the colors are so attractive.

It is made using 3 colors of cream; pink, purple and blue that are baked then sandwiched with ice cream. A little unicorn horn is then stuck onto it.

Perfect for parties or even birthday treats for girls!

You can customize the colors and flavor of the ice cream as you please.

5. Mosaic Swissroll

This is another twist on your classic swissroll.

Hexagons made of fondant are placed in alternating colors on this swissroll.

It is also highly customizable using a theme or a gradient of colors for the fondant. This is great for both male and female children.

6. Pikachu Swissroll

Pokemon lovers, you’re gonna love this one!

This swiss roll is decorated to look like Pikachu! You can serve this for any Pokemon fan, I bet they will appreciate it.

7. Shark Cake


Kids who are into the wonders of the ocean and sharks will dig this.

Have fun sculpting the cake and making those teeth for the ‘shark’. This would be an attractive birthday cake!

8. Turquoise Cake Topped with Ice Cream and Gold Cherries

Now this cake looks pretty extravagant!

It also gives off an oceany mermaid vibe due to the turquoise and purple shell-like frosting design.

Turquoise Cake Topped with Ice Cream and Gold Cherries

The top can be added with a variety of cake decorations like in the picture, or you can keep it simple too if you like.

This would be loved by little girls or those sassy stylish teenagers hehe!

9. Jelly Glasses

So adorable with summer vibes! One looks like a watermelon and the other is a pineapple. 

Made with 4 simple ingredients: gelatine, milk and sugar and food coloring, you get these beautiful desserts!

Great for when you are hosting parties with the gals.

10. Delicate Tarts

These tarts are as delicate as can be!

It’s made of fresh milk, coconut milk and few other ingredients are the filling and topped with some edible flowers and toasted coconut flakes.

Wonderful tarts for a tea party! This will be a hit with the ladies!

11. Mini Marshmallow Cones

These are quick to make and so simple!

You just cut the ice cream cones then decorate it with marshmallow that is dipped in pink colored melted chocolate. Make it more vibrant with a dash of sprinkles and a m&m on top or cherry!

Perfect snacks for a children’s party! They will love it!

12. Donuts or Not?

This donut looking dessert is made of actually whipping cream, sugar powder and strawberry jam that is chilled then placed over a baked piece of dough.

It is then topped further with pink glaze and piped in the centre. A sheet of white chocolate is also placed at the side.

It gives off a simple yet sophisticated look! Another one that will be popular among the ladies for potlucks and parties!

There you have it! 12 New Decorating and Dessert Ideas that you can try next time! 

You can check out the video to see how it is done:

All image rights and credits go to their respective owners.

We hope you found this video helpful and enjoyed it.

If you have any other fun decorating ideas, do share them with us! We would love to see and hear them! 

You may also get a chance to be featured on our site!

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