14 Easy Pink Cake Decorating Ideas For Girls

Whether it’s for your girlfriend or daughter, we all know a beautiful girl in our life who absolutely loves the color pink as much as she loves cakes! So we collected a list of the most pretty-pink cakes we came across for you to get inspired and make for your special gal. There’s also recipe links to some of them! Let’s get into it!

1. Pink Ombre Peach Layer Cake

Image Credit : livingly

I love how the soft gradient goes from up to down. This is great for gals who love pastel colors and is a minimalist. The cake is made of vanilla and peach filling. The frosting is also made of peach. A sweet choice indeed!

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2. Pink Pineapple Cake

Image Credt : bestfriendsforfrosting

Girls who have a vibrant personality with those summer vibes. This will be her cake. It’s so funky and cool! Definitely having the essence of pineapple in it, the cake uses pineapple juice to give it the flavor. Pineapple curd is also used to pack a punch of taste and give it that moist texture.

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3. Lemon Cake with Pink Hibiscus Buttercream

Image Credit : butterlustblog

Almost every girl loves flowers – so topping of your pink cake with pink edible flowers is a great idea! You can choose a flower that best describes the personality of the girl. This would make it more meaningful. This is a Lemon Cake that is sandwiched with Haupia Filling. You may be wondering what’s Haupia? It’s actually Hawaiian Coconut Pudding.

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4. Berry Pink Flower Cake (Nature Themed)

Image Credit : weddingchicks

This will be berry-licious! Top your cakes with various berries – raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, along with pretty flowers. A nature themed cake great for nature lovers.

5. Rosette Pink Buttercream Cake

Image Credit : awayfromthebox

If you girl was named Rose, this would be so cool to pull off hahaha! A Rosette Cake is when the buttercream is shaped to look like roses all over the cake.

It looks fancy but it’s not that hard to pull off.

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6. Pink Drip Cake

Image Credit : jennycookies

Drip cakes are very popular. You can leave it as it is or top it off as you like.

Image Credit : jennycookies

This drip cake is topped with lollipops, sprinkles and sweets. So this makes it suitable for younger girls. It is a vanilla layer cake with pink white chocolate ganache drip.

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7. Textured Pink Buttercream Cake

Image Credit : jennycookies

For the sassy and cool chick. This textured buttercream cake will put a smile on her face. WIth different shades of pink, and black dots on a white base, it really has aesthetic quality. 

Image Credit : hannah-bakes

You can do this all over the cake or just at the sides like this design.

8. Sugar Pearl Rose Cake

Image Credit : thecakeblog

Sometimes less is more. A cake like this is incredible for a sophisticated lady. Decorated with little sugar pearls at the bottom to look elegant and give a nice crunch with every bite. It is a white chocolate butter cake that’s frosted with super smooth rose buttercream, giving it a sweet floral fragrance.

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9. Macaron Pink Cake

Image Credit : curlygirlkitchen

For the cuties or macaron lovers, here you go! This cake is topped with two shades of pink macarons that alternates with buttercream frosting. It’s a cake decorating idea that you can make with any flavor of cake that you like!

10. Two Tone Pink Cake

Image Credit : fridayscake.by

This is so artistic. The two tones of pink with gold foil accents in between is just mesmerizing. Certainly for the girl that’s a ‘little extra’.

Leave it as it is or top it with flowers and other cake toppers.

11. Mini Doughnuts and Cookie Topped Cake

Image Credit : crumbsanddoilies

Got a doughnuts lover in the house? This is the cake for ‘em. It’s TOO CUTE TO BE EATEN. Topped with white chocolate drip, mini size doughnuts, cookies and meringues, this is a cake that’s so adorable.

It is a 4 layer rippled raspberry and vanilla sponge cake. This cake is filled with raspberry and vanilla filling frosted with vanilla buttercream.

12. Ice Cream Topped Cake

Image Credit : kulik_ova

She can’t get enough of ice-cream? Ok no problem! This cake is topped with popsicles and ice cream cones. 

Now she can have the best of both worlds!

13. Pink Sprinkle Cake

Image Credit : jennycookies

When in doubt, sprinkle! Lots of ‘em! Haha! This cake is pretty self explanatory, you get a few shades of pink sprinkles and can even add some white if you like and decorate it all over the cake.

Sprinkles are great because you can use them with any flavor cake.

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14. Pink Confetti Balloon Cake

Image Credit : kena

Does your gal love balloons? If that was a yes, go for this. Another trendy cake decorating idea that has taken over the internet. It’s so simple because you can just blow up a balloon of your choice (this one has pink confetti inside) and poke in on the top.

The rest is up to you really. Keep it simple or add extra texture. In this piece, pink buttercream was frosted on the top. You can also notice a white drip below it and beads at the bottom. 

Combining several cake decorating techniques is also really cool! Just be sure to have the right balance.

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