45k Likes! This ‘Bear-Masked’ Guy Makes Banana Cake Without An Oven

If you have not seen the Youtube channel of Nino’s Home, you must go watch it right now!

He wears a cute bear mask so no one has actually seen his face on Youtube so far! His videos are so cute, informative and calming at the same time.

Nino is a home chef who cooks various delicious dishes from sweets to savoury. He is famous for his ASMR Cooking videos that feature beautiful kitchenware, his cute cats and short funny stories narrated when you turn on the subtitles.

He recently made an awesome banana cake recipe with no oven involved! It’s so simple and quick to make. So let’s check it out!

1. Slice the bananas

2. Butter the pan and sprinkle sugar

3. Arrange your bananas

4. Add an egg and ⅓ cup sugar then mix them

5. Add 3 tbsp vegetable oil

6. Add ½ cup milk, tbsp vinegar, 1 tsp vanilla extract then mix it

7. Sift 1 cup cake flour and 1.5tsp baking powder into the mixture

8. Mix it well

9. Pour the mixture into the pan with the bananas

10. Cook on low heat with a lid on for 30 minutes

11. You may need to cook it a little longer, around 8 minutes, then you can finally see it fully done.

12. Once cooked, transfer it to a plate and slice it up

13. You are done! It is that simple!

Now you can try this at home!

Credit to this banana cake recipe goes to Nino’s home. You can check out his profile here.

Watch his video where he shows you how to make this step-by-step here:

All image rights and credits go to the respective owner.

If you have any other great banana cake recipes or any other delicious recipes, do share them with us! We would love to see and hear them! 

You may also get a chance to be featured on our site!

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