5 Bazaars You Must Check Out This Ramadan

We all love the Bazaar Ramadan. It’s like a food paradise! There is just so much you can choose and form sweet local delicacies, savoury treats, light snacks, traditional heavy meals and even modern twists on local food!

So here are some of the best bazaars you should not miss out on in Klang Valley!

1. Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) 

You can even spot tourists here. They all line up for tasty treats be it small or large! It’s always packed with people but the visit is worth it.

You can get flavorful crabs, lamb with warm rice here. Just look at how large it is. Damn I want to go there right now.

Love satay? You should stop by here.

Have a sweet tooth? This is what you should go for! So many colorful jellies with different flavors to try.

Prefer more texture? Then get some kuih with lots of shredded coconut, donuts coated generously in sugar and more!

Meat balls. Who can resist? (only if you’re vegan perhaps haha)

Pulut udang. God Dammit that line speaks for itself alright.

Another long queue will be spotted at this Abang’s stall. I mean just look at how awesomely cheesy those burgers are. 

Vietnamese rolls. OHHHHHH YUUM.

Those chicken wings do look sexy tho.

Long queue again here for Putu piring. You can see how curious that Aunty is haha!

Nasi beriani johor with another longggg queue. I’m not sure if it’s from Johor or not but oh well, I bet it’s good!

There’s a saying that goes, “fry it, it will taste better”. Lol just kidding. 

Popiah cravings will be satisfied here. After the long queue though. But it’s worth it.

2. Bangsar

Ok just look at those creative looking jelly designs and tell me how can you not want to buy them?

This is called the Rojabak! It is a murtabak + roti jala hybrid. You will get meat inside the roti jala. Oh yeaaaa.

Roti Boom will give you more ‘oomph’. It Is more dense due to its thick texture and smaller size.

It tastes as interesting as it looks. The Black Roti John is made with charcoal buns.

Sub-Wei Panas. Haha, that name is catchy. 

Popular choice of kuih during Raya. The Kuih Pelita here has the perfect texture, taste and jigglines that you will enjoy.

3. Kampung Baru

I love those hanging decor! 

The popular roti goreng McGyver. If you have not tried this, please. Go. Go as soon as possible.

Some bubur lambuk never hurt anyone right?

Get your fried chicken here. Steaming hot.

Want to indulge in the king of fruits. Look no further.

You can’t go wrong with mixed rice and the various savory dishes like fish, chicken and more here.

OMG. Ayam percik. Cooked to perfection.

Enjoy some local tunes here. Hehe you can see the guy smiling in the background.

4. Taman Melawati

Image Credit: oursquare

It is known to be the longest bazaar in Malaysia. 

Image Credit: oursquare

Check out those crispy tofu.

Image Credit: oursquare

Get delicious squid drenched in flavorful sauce. MAMAMIA.

Image Credit: oursquare

Love meat on skewers? Hehe. Enjoy this.

Image Credit: oursquare

Quench your thirst under the hot sun here.

5. Bukit Bintang

Another spot in the middle of town for you to enjoy food as much as you please.

Craving for that nasi lemak with all the lauk? Get it here.

Steam kuih to fried kuihs, choose whichever you like.

A wide array of dishes here so you can feast during dinner.

And of course don’t miss out on those tasty curry puffs and other kuih.

So which one will you be going to check out?

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