5 Best Pisang Goreng Cheese to Get Around Klang Valley!


Pisang Goreng is Malaysians’ local favorite snack to munch at tea time or to devour during lunchtime. It honestly fits with any time during the day because what’s better than crispy fried banana fritters that are topped with cheese or drizzled with chocolate? Time can slip away too quickly so without further ado, here are some of the 5 best Pisang Goreng Cheese you can get around Klang Valley!

  1. Thegorpis
Image credit: thegorpis

This food stall serves various toppings you can think of for your beloved pisang goreng. Basically brings it to a whole new level. One reviewer even said that it just made them want to cry of happiness taking a bite of their pisang goreng. You can check out their ‘Testimony’ highlights for more reviews! They are exclusively available at these locations:

  • Kota Damansara
  • Podium Sg Penchala
  • Kantin Gombak
  • The Paddock Kelana Jaya
  • Uptown Puchong
  • Bangi Square
  • Cheras Tiga Budak Gemok

They’re even available for delivery so do check out their Instagram page for more information!

2. Pisangcheeseselayang

Image credit: Pisangcheeseselayang

If you live around the Selayang area, you are in for a treat. This stall offers a regular box of pisang goreng topped with cheese only for RM6! Several flavors you can find are strawberry, Oreo cheese, chocolate cheese, and cheese original. Available for delivery if you live around Selayang and Gombak. Do check out their Instagram page if you’d like to order! 

3. Kakpthepisangcheese

Image credit: Kakpthepisangcheese

As stated on their bio ‘Pisang Cheese Pilihan No 1’, and I trust them especially with the pictures they’re putting out on their Instagram feed! Their banana fritters are topped with extreme chocolate and cheese that it’s insane to even look at. I’m already drooling just by taking a glance at their feed! They currently have 9 outlets open around Malaysia and even have delivery available. Better hurry and explore their Instagram for more details and to see if this awesome pisang goreng delivers to your doorstep! 

4. Thebancheese

Image credit: Thebancheese

The #cheesetakkedekut should be the one sentence that makes you get up and click that order link. Even featured in Sinar Harian, they offer excellent flavors that will definitely have you crave for more such as Tiramisu Cheese, Nutella Cheese, Strawberry Nutella as well as a mix of premium flavors (Butterscotch, Caramel, Nutella, Caramel and Oreo!). Available for delivery and located at USJ1, definitely check out their Instagram page for more flavors and delivery details!

5. Goreng Pisang Crispy Bujang

Goreng Pisang Crispy Bujang
Image credit: Zomato

Located in Bandar Sri Damansara, this pisang goreng stall is located in your usual town that you would usually find when you’re on the road or when you’re searching for some tea time snack. Flavors available such as Cheese Original, Cheese Chocolate, Cheesy Cheese and Cheese Coconut. If you’re suddenly in the area, do look out for Goreng Pisang Crispy Bujang for some banana fritters goodness!

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