6 Delicious Bak Chang Variations You Should Know

“Eh, the Bak Chang I’ve eaten before looks different!” Well that’s because there are many variations to it!
Here are 6 DELICIOUS BAK CHANG variations you got to know! (your mum-in-law will be impressed if you can make them hehe) Each of them has special sweet or savoury fillings and gives a incredibly unique taste! Without Bak Chang, a Dumpling Festival will be incomplete.

1. Hokkien Bak Chang

Look Darker and more aromatic *sniff sniff*

Fillings – Glutionus rice fried with five-spice powder & soy sauce, pock belly, chestnuts, salted egg yolk & shrimps.

Taste – An explosion of taste & seasoning coupled with distinct fragrance.

2. Cantonese Bak Chang

Look – Must have green beans / split mung beans otherwise the person who made it will be arrested (just kidding). May have more whiter versions that are shaped longer, more whiter versions that are shaped longer.

Fillings – Glunsinous rice seasoned with salt & garlic, pork lard lean meat, green bean & Chinese sausage.

Taste – Strong savoury flavours with a less sticky texture.

3. Nyonya Bak Chang

Signature – So pretty in blue thanks to the butterfly pea flower

Fillings – Glutinous rice mixed with butterfly pea essence, minced lean pork, candied winter melon & coriander powder.

Taste – Sweet with a delighful pandan aroma

4. Teochew Bak Chang

Signature – Packed with savoury & sweet fillings

Fillings – Glutinous rice, pork belly shiitake mushrooms, dried shrimps & red bean paste or lotus paste.

Taste – A perfect balance of savour & sweet flavors.

5. Kee Chang

Signature – Yellow (very yellow)

Fillings – yellow glutinous rice made with lye water. It may have red bean paste as filling or sometimes no fillings at all.

Taste – Taken with palm sugar that makes it taste even more sweer!

6. Hainanese Bak Chang

Signature – Big with BIG INGREDIENTS (we’re not kidding)

Fillings – Glutinous rice stir fried with black pepper, dark soy sauce & five-spice powder, fatty pork belly, chestnuts & mushroom.

Taste – Also taken with palm sugar to give it a sweet taste.

Make these delicacies now to see your family’s satisfied and happy faces!

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