6 Insects That Are Actually Good For Your Garden (No.5 Might Be Hard To Accept)

As much as creepy crawlies make you cringe or make you feel a little uneasy, some of them can be extremely beneficial to your garden!

So if you see any of them that are on this list, don’t shoo them away. These ‘visitors’ are going to help your garden look prettier!

1. Ladybugs / Ladybirds

These lil ‘ladies’ look cute but they can be quite aggressive (not to us don’t worry) to other insects. It eats all those small critters that can’t be seen from the naked eye. 

2. Bees

A fantastic pollination agent! Bees will help speed up the growth of your plants. So if you were planting tomatoes, flowers and more, the wait is going to be shorter! 

Just be careful of wasps – they are more dangerous! YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO NEAR THEM. They look a bit similar but there are differences to tell them apart.

Refer to the guide below to tell the difference:

Does not usually sting, if it does; only stings you once then dies (RIP)A jerk that stings you for no reason 
Cuter looking with fuzzy hairLooks like it’s about to attack you (and it will) with almost no hair at all

3. Dragonflies

Image Credit: newatlas

Just look at those wings. The details on it are so intricate. Interesting right? These guys are great at eliminating pests, for example fruit flies, mosquitoes and moths. So helpful!

4. Praying Mantis

This guy is just going to mind his own business ‘praying’ and eating pests – which is extremely useful in your garden! So leave them be if you see it!

5. Earthworms

Image Credit: metro

Yeah they may not be something you ever want to see or get close to, but they are super useful! They will help fertilize the soil in our garden and also improve the structure of it – done through their faeces. (eww.. I know, but it’s how nature works hahaha)

6. Butterflies

These beauties are certainly welcomed I’m sure hahaha! We can’t deny how pretty they can look. And they help in the garden too! Butterflies will eat the leaves on your plants which indirectly trims it for new sprouts to grow. Moreover, they also help with pollination!

There you have it! 6 insects that will be helpful actually in your garden.

Credits for this useful information goes to Cherie Sis Noriza

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