9 Best Cake And Dessert Decorating Ideas | Simple Tutorial

Heart cakes are surely to grab a spot in your heart! It’s so adorable and sweet to look at. But rather than sticking to the same old classic designs, why not change it up a bit with these cool decorating ideas!

1. Melting Cake

This cake is piped with some filling in the middle once a hole is made. 

A clean plastic film is wrapped around it. Then it is topped with cream, cake crumbs and white chocolate beads.

The plastic film is then removed and voila – the cream melts gloriously on the cake.

2. Flower Cake-Like Jelly

First the jelly is made, then a flower mold is used to cut it

Then the flower jellies are decorated in a pan.

A mixture of milk and gelatine is made for the base of the jelly. It is then poured into the pan that was decorated with the flower jellies.

After chilling it, you get an adorable looking Cake-Like Jelly 

3. Rose White Heart Cake

You apply the white frosting on the cake.

Then you smoothen it out to perfection then begin decorating it.

After that, make roses and place it on top as you please.

You can place as many as you want.

You can also add ‘leaves’ and edible flowers to make it have more color if you like.

4. Rainbow Drip Cake

To make the base of the cake, you alternate adding the colors of the cream

After baking it, you slice it into a few slices. Then sandwich them with cream.

Frost and the entire cake with rainbow colors.

Smoothen the frosting.

Then begin adding the white chocolate drip.

And further decorate as you like by adding sprinkles or beads.

5. Blue Accent White Heart Cake

Begin with frosting your white base cream cake and smoothing it out.

Then pipe finely on the top and then to the sides.

After that add a different color and repeat the same piping style.

You can leave it as it is or add more deco like roses and some white edges.

6. Heart Cookies

Start with your heart shaped cookie and begin the piping.

Add colors or decorate as you like.

You can go creative with it.

7. Colorful Heart Cake

Start again by making the white frosted and smoothed out cake.

 Once that is done, you can start applying the frosting in alternating colors.

Go from the sides till you reach all the way to the top.

8. Pink Heart Cake

Frost your heart cake with pink cream.

After smoothening it out, use a mold to lightly mark the center.

Then begging decorating according to the line made from the mould.

You can follow this design or change it up to your preference

Pipe the sides, add silver beads and add roses for a more complete look.

9. Raspberry and Strawberry Sponge Cake

Boil raspberries, sugar and strawberry syrup with water.

Pour the mixture onto your sponge cake.

After refrigerating it, add whipped cream on top of it and level it out.

Place cookies on it.

Remove from the cake mould and cut according to the cookie shapes.

You can then decorate it as you please. Like with frosting, a berry and icing sugar.

Ta-da! Now you got some new decorating tricks up your sleeve! 

You can check out the video to see how it is done:

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We hope you found this video helpful and enjoyed it.

If you have any other fun decorating ideas, do share them with us! We would love to see and hear them! 

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