9 Unusual Food Combinations In Asia | No.6 May Scare You!

Asian people have always been praised for their wonderful dishes that have amazing flavor and unique combinations of ingredients. 

Some of these combinations might not be for the faint hearted LOL.

So whether this is extremely creative or outrageous  – you decide! 

1. Banana Fritters (Pisang Goreng) + Chocolate + Cheese

Image Credit: fairprice

As whacky as it sounds, I have personally tasted it and it’s actually quite good! It is definitely on the sweet side though. Like really, really sweet! You can find it usually sold as street food around Malaysia.

2. Coffee + Egg + Cheese

Image Credit: legalnomads

It was Vietnam’s famous coffee style! It actually emerged when there was a scarcity of milk, so the restaurant owners decided to use egg instead of milk in the coffee. Now I have not tried this, but I don’t mind giving it a try haha!

3. Boba Tea + Noodles

Image Credit: discoverkl

This trend became so famous, food manufactures have released actual Boba Noodles. I mean, with how much boba is getting attention and popularity, it’s no surprise that this was about to happen. Now boba is being added into various foods and most people don’t mind experimenting with the taste!

4. Petai + Vanilla Ice Cream

Image Credit: goodyfoodies

There’s no denying how much people love having petai in Malaysia. It’s so common to have them in sambal and savoury dishes. But in ICE CREAM! Well this was a first! If you want to try, proceed with caution. Petai has a very strong smell that may not be appealing to some people.

5. Strawberry + Salted Fish Sambal

Image Credit: Halal Food Master

So this Malaysian Company, Abang Strawberry is embracing the joy of creating new flavors. This product was a perfect blend of spicy, sweet and salty flavors! You can have it with rice, it would go so well!

6. Sago Worms + Pizza

Image Credit: FMT Lifestyle

I warned you. This is a delicacy sought after in Sabah, Malaysia. And yes it may surprise you, but it has been savoured for many generations. The worm is called butod and is said to make the pizza more delicious because of its juicy, creamy flavor that goes well with the cheese n pizza.

7. Chee Cheong Fun + Peanut Butter

Image Credit: Halal Food Master

Soft silky steamed rice rolls also known as Chee Cheong Fun, is traditionally enjoyed with spicy chilli sauce or hoisin sauce and topped with sesame seeds. But this twist is definitely putting kind of a Western twist on this traditional Cantonese dish. 

8. Budu + Durian

Image Credit: photoblog

It still looks alright right? But the smell.. HAHAHA! I’m not sure if most people will be ok with it. Budu is a funky smelling fish sauce made of anchovies that are fermented for months. Now coupled with the all-famous stinky king of fruits loved by Malaysians – The Durian, well let’s just say your nose is about to have a very interesting experience.

9. Kimchi + Vodka

Image Credit: mykoreaguidedotcom

Kimchi, the popular fermented vegetable in Korean now with alcohol?! I know right! This cocktail also known as the Bloody Mary with a twist is said to enhance the flavors of the tomato juice and vodka in the drink even more. 

Would you try any of the above? 

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