Airline Uniforms Or Fashion Show Outfits?

Most of us admire the fancy airline uniforms that stewards and stewardesses put on. We can’t deny how cool and elegant they look when they start walking in it. 

Their outfits vary across airline companies and countries, thus having many interesting designs and concepts. Let’s take a look at these runway-worthy cabin crew uniforms!

1. Hainan Airlines

This Chinese Airline company has taken their cabin crew design uniforms to a whole new level. 

Image Credit: The Red Phoenix

Designed by Laurence Xu, the concept was to blend Haute Couture Fashion with the Traditional ‘Cheongsam’ that has imagery of clouds, mythical birds and waves.

Glossary: Haute Couture Fashion is high-end fashion that is constructed from start to finish by hand.

Cheongsam is a traditional Chinese dress worn by women that features traditional Chinese Art.

Image Credit: The Red Phoenix

Now you can’t tell me these outfits don’t belong on the runway! It’s so posh!

2. Etihad Airways

Image Credit: arabiangazette

Etihad Airways revealed their spectacular cabin crew uniform in Abu Dhabi.

Image Credit: travelforsenses

It was designed by the Italian Hauter Couturier, Ettore Bilotta in Milan. The designs have accents of purple on the jacket, skirts and scarf to showcase elegance.

Glossary: Haute Couturier person who designs expensive fashion.

Image Credit: travelforsenses

Ettore Bilotta has paved the path to sophisticated flying with these creations.

3. Qantas Airways

Image Credit: traveloscopy

This airline company made sleek and modern cabin crew uniforms by using the color red as accent colors for the ties, jackets and dresses

Image Credit: economytraveller

The designs were done by an Australian fashion designer, Martin Grant. He wanted to create a fabric that is light, durable and unique. He was inspired by Qantas’ logo which features a powerful red triangle and kangaroo. 

Image Credit: traveloscopy

They even had supermodel Mirander Kerr to model the uniform!

4. Singapore Airlines

Image Credit: luxuryescapes

The Tailor Made Sarong Kebaya that has not been changed over many years. It was designed by a famous French designer, Pierre Balmin in 1974. 

Glossary: Sarong Kebaya is known as a complete outfit made of lightweight fabric by asian women. The top is secured either with buttons, pins or brooches.

Image Credit: flygosh.

These uniforms also have in-built safety features for example, it has a slit at both corners so that it can be tied to make the skirt shorter when necessary.

Image Credit: luxuryescapes

The colors also represent different roles. The blue is for stewardess, green is for the leading stewardess, red for chief stewardess and purple for in-flight managers. The male cabin crew has ties that follow the same color combination and designations too.

5. Malaysian Airlines

Image Credit: worldofbuzz

This cabin crew uniform was designed by students from the School of Fashion Faculty of MARA Institute of Technology (UiTM). Can you believe it?! Students! Great job! 

Image Credit: brandinginasia

The Malaysian Airlines’ cabin crew’s unique kebaya is heavily inspired by batik and local flowers such as the Frangipani (Bunga Cempaka) and Jasmine (Bunga Melur) along with the leaves of the Hibiscus.

Glossary:Batik is an Indonesian technique of producing colored designs on fabric by dyeing them, having some wax before that applied to the parts that will be left undyed.

Image Credit: rojakdaily

It is known to be a timeless beauty.

6. Hawaiian Airlines

Image Credit: newsroom

The Hawaian Airlines cabin crew uniform has lehua blossom and ‘ohe kapala (bamboo stamps) as their prints. 

Glossary:Lehua blossom is a Hawaiian plant that is culturally symbolic.

Image Credit: paddleyourownkanoo

They used the lehua because it is a symbol of the people and according to legends and myths it is known to be strong and prominent This was explained by the renowned Hawaiian-based designer, Sig Zane Kaiao.

Image Credit: newsroom

The cape is what makes this uniform all the more glamorous! It looks like something a celebrity would wear.

7. Emirates

Image Credit: cabincrewphotos

The cabin crew outfits worn on Emirates mirror the simple elegance of Emirates.

Image Credit: cabincrewphotos

A stylish beige uniform, red caps and soft white scarf that hangs from the hats is worn by the female staff. The skirts have a flash of red to represent the brand that are on the sides and can be seen when the ladies are walking.

The males wear a rich chocolate colored suit.

Image Credit: cabincrewphotos

The outfits were designed by a UK based manufacturer, Simon Jersey.

8. Thai Airways

Image Credit: blog.wearskypro

The cabin crew on Thai Airways wear beautiful uniforms in the shade of purple.

Image Credit: cabincrewphotos

They use silk fabric and are required to wear a fresh purple flower on their lapel.

Image Credit: Thai Airways (twitter)

The purple and silk represents elegance.

9. Alitalia 

Image Credit: thedesignair

These uniforms were created with an iconic Italian sense of fashion.

Image Credit: thedesignair

They were also designed by Ettore Bilotta, a Milan based haute couturier.

Image Credit: thedesignair

He created a design that was timeless and enduring that will be practical for both females and males.

10. Vietnam Airlines

Image Credit: thedesignair

The traditional Ao Dai uniforms can be seen on the Vietnam Airlines.

Glossary: Ao Dai is a Vietnamese national garment worn by mostly women. It is a long split dress worn over trousers.

Image Credit: thedesignair

The bright color cabin crew outfits for the females are meant to convey the message of being fresh and contemporary. 

Image Credit: allaodai

They are also comfortable and practical.

11. SriLankan Airlines

Image Credit : SriLankan Airlines

The SriLankan Airlines cabin crew uniform is based on the beautiful pattern of a peacock.

Image Credit : SriLankan Airlines

The women wear the country’s national costume, the osariya. The men wear western black suits.

Glossary:Osariya is a kind of sari worn in Sri Lanka. It has some ruffles around the waist.

Image Credit : cabincrewphotos

The outfit has a beautiful oriental charm with a modern look at the same time.

12. Fiji Airways 

Image Credit: Fiji Airways 

Fiji Airways has a vibrant cabin crew uniform design.

Image Credit: Fiji Airways 

Their uniform was styled by Alexandra Poenaru-Philp who is a Fiji based designer. 

Image Credit:

The beautiful geometric design is very attractive and at the same time really gives you that tropical island feel.

And those are some of the most stylish and unique cabin crew uniforms! Tell us which you loved the most and secretly dream of wearing hehehe!

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