All Baking Dos and Don’t

When nothing goes right, don’t go left. Turn to these handy Do’s and Don’ts! It will prevent common blunders and save your time and effort.

About Butter

DoUse Butter At Room Temperature it will produce smoother batter and a fluffier dessert.

Don’tDon’t use freezed butter Batter will be clumpy and make the mixing process difficult.

About Sifting

DoSift flour to remove clumps and add airiness

Don’tSkip the sifting process it is a nightmare because you can end up eating whole balls of flour

About Eggs

DoUse fresh eggs it’s always beat off using the freshest eggs in baking.

Don’tUse old aged eggs Eggs begin to break down as they age, which means when whipped they won’t hold as much air as a fresher egg will. Also, you might experience some “SPECIAL” taste

About Preheat

DoAlways preheat at least 20 mins before Gives time to reach the correct temperature.

Don’tSkip Preheating Starting in a cold oven will result in an uneven bake.

About Timing

DoTest with toothpicks first will tell you if it’s done baking or not.

Don’tForget To Test Your Cakes with Toothpicks your cake could possibly still have a streak of batter.

About Ingredients

DoPay attention to certain ingredients Pay attention to the ingredients that you’re using. Turn caramel into caramel, not black burnt sugar. Creme anglaise is another delicate sauce that needs a lot of attention; walk away and you may end up with scrambled eggs.

Don’tWalk away from certain ingredients Certain baking ingredients like caramel require extra attention as it can burn down within seconds, so do not leave it to cook on its own!

Some of these were so simple yet often overlooked right? In baking, the tiniest details actually matter!

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