All Milk Comparison And Usage

All milks are the same right? Oh no! For example, you can’t drink condensed milk directly. Haha…! Milks have different functions and are suitable for specific purposes. Check ‘em out here!

Whole Milk

  1. Chocolate Eclair Cake
  2. Moist Butter Cake
  3. Creme Caramel
  4. Soft Dinner Rolls


  1. Whole milk is 3.5% milk fat and is the closet to the way it comes from the cow before processing.
  2. The fat in whole milk helps to tenderize and moisturize baked foods as well.
  3. When you use whole milk to bake cakes or muffins, the cake will be moister and finer.

Condensed Milk

  1. Dulce De Leche
  2. Southem Butter Rolls
  3. Banana Bread Pudding
  4. Key Lime Pie


  1. Condensed most often found with sugar added, in the form of sweetened condensed milk, to the extend that the terms “condensed milk” and “sweetened condensed milk” are often used interchangeably today.
  2. In baked goods, condensed milk lends tenderness, moisture, and flavor to the recipe, as well as color to the crust. Condensed milk is very popular for use in desserts and sweets.

Evaporated Milk

  1. Tres Leches
  2. Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie
  3. Raisin Bread Pudding
  4. Finnish Cardamom Bread


  1. Evaporated milk doesn’t contain any sugar. It’s simply milk heated until the water is cooked off, resulting in a consistency similar to cream.
  2. Evaporated milk can stand high temperatures without curdling, making it a good choice in recipes for adding creaminess to thick sauces, puddings, and crockpot recipes.

Skim Milk

  1. Pan De Sal
  2. Hokkaido Milk Bread
  3. Low Fat Vanilla Cake


  1. Skimmed milk, or skim milk, is made when all the milk fat is removed from whole milk. It tends to contain around 0.1% fat.
  2. By using skim milk instead, you are removing the fat and the product may turn out dry and tough. Take care not to over mix your batter, which can also make your goodies tough.

Powdered Milk

  1. Muesli Bread
  2. Jalapeno Cheddar Bread
  3. Milk Barfi


  1. Powdered milk or dried milk is a manufactured dairy product made by evaporating milk to dryness. One purpose of drying milk is to preserve it; milk powder has a far longer shelf life than liquid milk and does not need to be refrigerated, due to its low moisture content.
  2. The milk powder adds flavor to the mixture, for sure. But it can also contribute to a darker golden crust and a more tender innards.

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