As the My Weekend Plan team is set off to yet another journey of searching and hunting for Malaysian bakers. We noticed the rising hype for a French petite dessert – éclair. Have a hard time pronouncing? 🤓 Google says: ee·klehr

What is an Éclair

It is a long French pastry made from choux pastry, with pastry cream or custard filling, dipped or glazed with fondant icing.

It means ‘flash of lighting’ because it’s usually eaten in a flash! We can certainly testify for that. 👀

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Knead & Stuff Signature Chocolate Gold and Fruits & Cream éclairs
(credits: Knead & Stuff)

This sophisticated dessert is perfect to be called upon for every occasion you can think of – birthdays, weddings, mother’s day, father’s day, baby showers, graduations and etc. It’ll be the crowd-puller for sure! ❤️

Description: We’re just obsessed with the beauty of these French delicate pastries. Aren’t you? (credits: Knead & Stuff)

And by now, you would know that in ‘Bakesionate series’, we are looking for more than what feasts the eyes. We are always curious and eager to learn about the origin and story of the brains and the brawns behind all these pastries. 

We are glad we stumble upon a homebaker couple from Knead & Stuff Amni and Haniff, who are specialised in making Choux, éclairs and petite desserts in Malaysia! 

They’ve been nothing but kind, friendly, and down-to-earth souls, giving us the best hospitality, and oozing out with passion for choux!

From spending a couple of hours with them, we can’t help but to think that they are really the embodiment of “Couples that hustle together stays together.”

And apart from the traditional classic éclairs, Amni and Haniff have been offering pretty interesting and out-of-the box new-age éclairs with even more varieties of  mouth-watering fillings and visually-pleasing decorations. 

I mean, would you look at that? Who could even resist these? In just one look, our eyes are glued to their very well done pastries.

Check out more French pastries masterpieces here: Knead & Stuff

Tempted much to learn some tricks to make éclairs?

Tips and tricks are learnable by almost everyone. However, Chef Amni, the co-founder of Knead & Stuff says, “Bila you buat pastries, kita kena ada love, kasih sayang dalam product so that dia sedap dan cantik.”

That’s spot on. And we get to see first-hand how and éclair is being made form scratch!

Anyways we figured, a video is worth a thousand words. It’s only fair for you to hear from them personally about their story and tips to make the perfect éclair. Enjoy! 

If you have a sweeth tooth and you enjoy baking, then try perfecting éclair as you make them at home. Or just simply enjoy the gorgeous, delicious and perfectly made éclairs from Knead & Stuff.

Thank you Amni and Haniff for everything! ❤️ 

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