Are You Storing Your Dishes the Right Way?

Believe me when I say our kitchen is FULL. By full, we mean from pots and pans to tupperware that’s currently being stored in our kitchen cabinets. But sometimes, they’re all over the place and it messes with your brain. Don’t stress too much over it, let us help and provide you with a guide to storing your dishes the right way. Let’s start with:

Pots and Pans

Do you have a deep cabinet drawer that you rarely use and it’s been collecting dust? Why put your pots and pans outside when you can organize them inside? They’re easier to collect and reach when you’re in the mood for some cooking!

But if you hate stacking your pots and pans because you think it will look messy, here’s the perfect solution: Purchase a pots and pans rack organizer for your kitchen counter.

Pots and Pans
Image credit: Shopee

If you’re looking to buy one for your kitchen, it’s available on Shopee!

Besides that, you have extra wall space that you feel bothered because it’s so empty and you need something to be there for the kitchen to feel complete? A Pegboard might just help you out! Yeah, I’ve lost count on how many times I recommend this method but if you consider it, it makes your kitchen look neat and so organized! You don’t have to go running around trying to scramble for your pots and pans.

Pots and Pans
Image credit: thekitchn

If you have one more pot that doesn’t fit into any space and you’ve been racking up so many ideas… Opt for this simple way: Put your pot on the stove as a display. Sure, people may think you’ve been cooking up something or your kids were fooled by the pot, but hey! Just say, you didn’t have a place for this one!

Pots and Pans
Image credit: decoist.

Fine China

Fine China
Image credit: Unsplash

Those fine china can sometimes be too pretty to be used and you just want to save it until the Queen comes to have dinner with you or something and THEN, you’ll take it out. But you definitely want people to know you have these beautiful fine china, so that they can stare and admire yours. My advice? It’s best to have a glass cupboard that you often see in movies and the people’s houses that you used to visit (What even is visiting people anymore during these Covid-19 days?). It will definitely add some nice touch in the living room! 

Or you just want to keep it away from people and wait till the right day to take it out and use it… sure you can do that too! Pack up and layer your fine china with plenty of bubble wrap and place in boxes that are secured. You definitely don’t want to end up like Chandler Bing’s fate in that one Friends episode now do ya?

Friend GIF
Gif credit: giphy


By dinnerware, we meant the plates and bowls we use to eat everyday. It’s ideal to put them near the sink and drying rack as it’s easier to immediately wash your plates and let it dry. However, if you would like for a kitchen that looks spacious and neater, then try putting your dinnerware into the drawers. Case in point:

Image credit: Good Housekeeping

This does not only make your dishware look more organized, in fact you’ll save more space on the kitchen counter! There’s a similar plate rack organizer you can find on Shopee at an affordable price, go check it out!

Unless you’re not into hiding your plates and bowls, if you have extra space on your cabinet, arrange them there. Not only are they safe from the prying hands of children, it will make your kitchen look tidy and stylish, especially with this Nordic style plate rack organizer from Shopee.

Image credit: Big DIY Ideas

Also, not leaving out our precious mugs and glasses. The ideal place is to either store them on the kitchen cabinets or on the counter so it’s easier to fetch when you have your morning coffee. Very ideal if you place it beside your beloved coffee machine~


Last but not least, our Tupperware containers. This is always the hardest as we always leave it in the sink or on the table. Can’t forget when we’re running out of space for these containers, we just shove them into our cabinet. Hoping to forget that it’s there. Sadly, it doesn’t work like that. However, here’s a simple way to finally make your containers look neat.

Image credit: The Budget Organizer

This doesn’t require much except for some regular looking storage bins that you would put in your bedroom for your things but this time, try them out for your Tupperware containers and who knows it might be a huge game-changer once you do it. It’s better than shoving it into the cabinet, am I right or am I right?

Hopefully, this simple guide is helpful enough for you to pick out which one’s perfect for your pots and pans, and your other dishware items. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be the only favorite place where you can cook but also the place that provides you the best, peaceful view even though it’s just neat organization of your plates and plastic containers. Hey, at least you’re not stressed standing there now. 

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