Baking Scraper | What is it for actually?

Do not underestimate this tool. This baking tool has more functions than its name suggests.

What is a Baking Scraper?

A baking scraper is a type of baking tool primarily used to scrape ingredients either from a surface or kitchenware. It can have slightly different shapes and can be made of various materials. You can usually find scrapers made of metal, plastic, silicone or wood. Due to Scrapers coming in several variants, it can have several functions too.

What types of Baking Scrapers are out there?

Dough Scraper

Dough Scraper or also known as a pastry scraper is generally made of metal that is in a rectangular shape. It has a handle on top so you can have a firm grip. It is used to scrape sticky dough bits that have been stuck onto your workspace. It excels at removing these stubborn dough bits because it has a sharp stainless steel edge. Imagine using your fingers to scrape off the dough, boy that’s going to be a struggle! You would also be getting your hands dirty. That’s why this tool is so great to have. It helps you clean with such ease!

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Moreover, due to the sharpness of the steel, it is commonly used by pastry chefs to cut the dough into equal portions quickly.

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Besides that, the Dough Scraper can also be used to pick up and toss the dough owing to the fact that it is a firm piece of metal. Additionally, you can also transfer ingredients without touching your hand by using a Dough Scraper! This feature is especially useful after trying to transfer diced garlic or other finely minced ingredients.

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Some Dough Scrapers even come with a ruler on it. This helps with measurement in the kitchen. As a baker, you know how important measurement is, so this is cool to have! The Dough Scraper is also dishwasher safe. (Woohoo! Easy cleaning.) Furthermore (yes, there is more), some pastry chefs use the scrape as an icing spatula.[link to Are You Using The Right Spatula? Article] They use it to ensure the icing or frosting on the cake is smooth and levelled. Some of them even use it creatively for decorating a cake.

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Bowl Scraper

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A Bowl Scraper has a head made of silicon rubber at the end with a plastic handle. Due to the rubber head, it is great to be used to scrape material from mixing bowls without any scratches. Usually the handle can be removed so it is much easier to scrape the insides of the bowl. On the other hand, with the handle, it can also be used to scrape out ingredients conveniently from vertical jars, like mason jars or mayonnaise jars. 

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Since it is not as firm as the Dough Scraper, but can still be used to cut, pick up or transfer materials.

Wooden Scraper

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Yes, made of wood, the Wooden Scraper has similar functions to the Dough and Bowl Scraper. It is an alternative if you prefer wooden utensils, which is now becoming highly popular due to its aesthetic appearance. (That includes me! I love choosing wooden utensils in the kitchen!) Besides that, it is relatively inexpensive and some skillful people even try to make their own and customize it.

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On top of that, it is completely food safe.However, it may not be super effective like the Dough Scraper in cutting ingredients or scraping of really sticky dough bits.

Now you know what are the common types of baking scrapers and how to use them. Get scrappin! 

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