Beautiful Dietician with 3.4 MILLION Youtube SUBS Shares Her Plant-based Recipes

Sadia Badiei who is also known on Youtube and Instagram as Pick Up Limes, is a dietician who is extremely popular!

Image Credit: pickuplimes

She shares many of her absolutely amazing vegan or plant-based recipes. They are not only super healthy but look incredibly appetizing!

Image Credit: pickuplimes

Those cute yellow hearts! These were the smoothie bowls she made – perfect for a hot day!

Image Credit: pickuplimes

And she made vegan mug cakes – just look how beautiful it looks for something so easy to do!

Image Credit: pickuplimes

I wish this magically appeared in my fridge hahaha! Such beautiful jars of overnight oats!

Image Credit: pickuplimes

Inspired from her trip from Thailand, she made this Green Curry Noodle Soup. I am inspired to go to her house to taste her food hahaha!

Image Credit: pickuplimes

They look so adorable together! Her husband also cooks with her at times and here he shares his simple and delicious ‘egg’ salad.

Image Credit: pickuplimes

She also makes many budget meal prep ideas like the 3 meals above. Each meal only costs about RM8 to make!

Image Credit: pickuplimes

This is her TEA-INFUSED CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. The name already has got me so excited! (I love tea, and chocolate guys, LOVE IT)

Oh and I really loved these 5-minutes breakfast ideas she made! 

She also provides great tips, like how to take amazing photos.

We all love to snack, why not make it healthy? Check out her vegan snack ideas.

If you are hosting a party or going to one, impress your guests with these beautiful desserts.  

You can check out more recipes and tips like this from her Youtube and her Instagram

All credits go to the respective owners.

If you have any vegan recipes or any other great recipes do share them with us! We would love to see them! 

You may also get a chance to be featured on our site!

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