Best 7 Coffee Recipes Just With Instant Coffee | Easy To Make At Home

Who said you can’t enjoy a good cup of coffee that you made yourself? You can and it’s so simple! 


The main ingredient you need is instant coffee, a couple of other common kitchen ingredients and nothing else that is so fancy (unless you want to add it for extra ‘oomph’ haha!)

So let’s check out some of these delicious coffee recipes that are easy to make and are going to keep you energized throughout the day!

1. Cincau Iced Coffee

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Yes, cincau in coffee! Anyone who wants a bit of texture in their coffee, this is what you can try. The chewy cincau also known as Grass Jelly will give your coffee a more satisfying feel. Don’t forget to snap a picture!

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2. Teh Tarik Cheese Gula Melaka

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You can’t tell me this is not cafe-worthy. DAYUM. It is actually just instant coffee but when you add the cheese and gula melaka, it tastes extraordinary! This might turn out to be your next favourite coffee fix. Especially for you cheese lovers out there!

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3. Dalgona Coffee

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Of course Dalgona Coffee is going to be on the list. An instagram worthy looking drink that is super simple to make! You can have these with ice cubes to make it an iced dalgona coffee or without it too. If you want to see more Dalgona Coffee Variations, which you are so going to love check out, [Ultimate Dalgona Coffee Recipes and Variations | Tell Me You Tried One of These!]

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4. Affogato Coffee

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This coffee features a beautiful scoop of vanilla ice-cream. I can’t think of a better way to start my morning. You can add chocolate chips or shavings if you like too. This might just be my favourite coffee fix. I mean it has ICE-CREAM!

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5. Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Image Credit: thespruceeats

I know. It sounds very weird! Egg in coffee? But just try it and see. It’s a really unique and interesting flavor. YOLO, so give it a shot!

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6. Lemonade Coffee

Image Credit: athome.starbucks

This recipe gives you nice tangy flavored coffee because of the lemons! They added sparkling water but you can skip it too if you don’t prefer it. Be sure to add sugar to balance the sourness of the coffee and lemon!

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7. Ginger Coffee / Sukku Malli Coffee 

Image Credit: verywellfit

Now ginger coffee or Sukku Malli Coffee has always been in a thing in India. It’s not difficult to make actually. Plus it has tons of health benefits! You can also customize it according to how you like by adding other ingredients.

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If you have any other lovely coffee recipes or any other interesting recipes, do share them with us! We would love to see and hear them!

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