HI-OLEIC Peanuts Butter vs Normal Peanuts Butter

Peanut butter is and forever will be one of the best things to come out of peanuts. The texture for peanut butter can vary between being smooth and being crunchy depending on the brand of course. But did you know that there’s actually an even better peanut butter out on the market right now? That peanut butter is made from Hi-Oleic Peanuts and it has many benefits that the regular jar of peanut butter doesn’t have! Go ahead and read about it further down below!

1. What is HI-OLEIC peanuts

What is Hi Oleic peanuts

2. Benefits of Oleic Acid

Good For Your Blood

Benefits of Oleic Acid

It Reduces Body Fat

Benefits of Oleic Acid

Energy And Recovery Boost

Benefits of Oleic Acid Energy And Recovery Boost

3. Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart
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