Best Ways To Eat Massimo Bread During MCO!

Grab some Massimo Bread.
We will show you the best ways to eat it during the MCO.

Day 1

Classic Toasted Bread

Day 2

Kaya Toasted Bread

Day 3

Milo Condensed Milk Bread

Day 4

Peanut Butter Wholemeal Bread

Day 5

Nutella Bread

Day 6

Apricot Jam Kurma Milk Bread

Day 7

Half Boiled Egg Bread

Day 8

Ice Cream Bread

Day 9

French Toast

Day 10

Tuna Sandwich

Day 11

Hong Kong-style Meal With Egg And Ham

Day 12

Homemade Pizza

Day 13

Cheese Bacon Roll

Day 14

Egg Cheese Toast

So how many have you tried?

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