Cakes Your Dad Will Actually Love | 30 Creative Father’s Day Cake Ideas

Father’s day is coming soon. 

Instead of that same old boring cake, why not use some of these ideas to make him a really cool-looking one that will put a smile on his face.

1. The Artistic One That Fancies A Drink

Image Credit: mamaslatinas

2. The Floating Heineken

Image Credit: hikaribolos

3. If He Loves Instruments

Image Credit: cakesdecor

4. Classic Jack Daniel’s

Image Credit: cakesdecor

5. If He Loves Fishing

Image Credit: pinterest

6. If He Wants A Man Cake

Image Credit: cakesdecor

7. If He Plays The Guitar

Image Credit: cakesdecor

8. The Scientist

Image Credit: karaspartyideas

9. If He Loves Golf

Image Credit: passionforsavings

10. If He Can’t Get Enough Of His Tools

Image Credit: countryliving.

11. The Doodle Fan

Image Credit: wilton

12. The Architect

Image Credit: deunbocado

13. The Mathematician

Image Credit: cakewrecks

14. If He Loves Cycling

Image Credit: amazon

15. If He Like Jelly

Image Credit: domowe-wypieki

16. If He Loves Nature

Image Credit: reddit

17. If You Want To Keep It A Little Simple

Image Credit: sixcleversisters

18. If He Would Rather Have A Burger

Image Credit: theidearoom

19. The Sushi Lover

Image Credit: buzzfeed

20. If He Cant Get Enough Of Waffles

Image Credit: sprinklebakes

21. If He Plays The Piano

Image Credit: valyastasteofhome.

22. A Football Fan

Image Credit: craftsy

23. If  He Is King Of The Grill

Image Credit: cakecentral

24. If He Is Into Wine

Image Credit: intensivecakeunit

25.  The Chess Lover

Image Credit: paperblog

26. If He Has A Thing for Bowties

Image Credit: theperfectpalette.

27. Doodles Of All His Favourite Things 

Image Credit: amazon

28. If He Loves Camping

Image Credit: feelingnifty

29. If He Is Your Superman

Image credit: betweenthepagesblog


30. Tie Cupcakes

Image Credit: blovelyevents

Hope these ideas would help you put a huge smile on your dad’s face! Have a great time making it!

Remember the most important ingredient to make it taste good is LOVE! Hehehe!

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