Common Cake Baking Problems & the Reason Behind Those Disasters

Common Cake Baking PROBLEM & the REASON behind those DISASTERS From setting the wrong oven’s temperature to opening the oven door too early, there are so many reasons why a beautiful cake can become a sunken disappointment. Our Team has identified some of the most common pitfalls when it comes to cake making, so you enjoy baking moment every time.

1. Cake Is Dry

  • Used of butter ( can use oil to keep it moist)
  • Over baked
  • Put too much flour in, the wet ingredients will absorb the flour leaving the cake dry and crumbly

2. Cake Sink In The Middle

  • The cake is under cooked and raw in the middle
  • Batter is over mixing, which it strengthens the gluten structures too much and creates more air which causes the cake to rise and then fall again
  • Oven temperature, too high and too low.

3. Crack Cake

  • The mould is to small / improper size of mould
  • Too much heat / temperature is too hot
  • Oven position is wrong
  • Too many leaveners, whether baking powder or baking soda

4. The Cake Becomes Like A Bread

  • The wrong flour was used
  • The batter was not well mixed
  • The wrong leavening agent was used
  • Butter / margarine measurement is incorrect
  • The sugar level was wrong or the type of sugar was wrong

5. The Cake Has Soggy Edges

  • The cake was not released from the pan soon enough and condensation has occurred inside the pan.

6. The Cake Is Dense

  • The eggs used may be too small
  • Insufficient air content when eggs and sugar were beaten
  • The flour is expired
  • At best, the flour should be dried first. This can help lighten the cake.
  • The butter added to the dough may be too hot, causing it to foam and the cake to break
  • The oven temperature is too low

7. The Cake Is Flat Straight From The Oven

  • Cakes are supposed to be a little puffed up right after baking. So your leavening agent or self-raising flour could be expired.

8. The Cake Is Greasy

  1. You used too much butter.
  2. The mixture was whisked incorrectly.
  3. Your butter started ” sweating” before you added it into your batter.

9. The Cake Is Stuck To The Pan

  • You forgot to grease and line the pan with parchment paper.
  • You greased your pan, but you didn’t do a thorough job.
  • You didn’t use the right baking spray.
  • You didn’t cut your parchment paper to size.

10. The Cake Is Too Hard

  • Sugar and butter was not beaten until light and fluffy
  • Too much wheat flour
  • Not enough wet ingredients
  • The mixture was beaten for too long after the flour is added
  • It was baked for too long or the temperature is too high

11. The Cake Is Too Moist And Sticky

  • Too much wet ingredients
  • Insufficient leavening agent or it is expired
  • Fat and sugar were not beaten enough
  • Butter was chunky and not beaten enough

12. The Cake Is Uneven

  • The oven temperature may be too hot
  • The oven temperature is not hot enough and caused the cake to not bake evenly
  • The flour was not mixed well
  • The batter is more than half the amount of the baking pan
  • The pan does not match the type of oven used
  • Try turning your cakes a few times while bake

13. The Cake Is Wet At The Bottom

  • There was too much wet ingredients.
  • You didn’t bring the cake out of the pan quick enough to cool and dry on the cooling rack.

14. The Cake Overflowed

  • The pan you used is too small. Use between % to % of the pan that is larger than the original recipe.
  • You used too much leavening agent.
  • Your oven rack is not even.
  • Optionally, you can just separate your batter into smaller pans.

15. The Cake Shrunk

  • Make sure the batter is not too cold before baking.
  • The batter was over mixed.
  • There was not enough of your leavening agent.
  • The cake pan was too big.

16. The Cake’s Crust Is Too Hard

  • It’s because you put too much oil when greasing the mould. So you are literally frying your cake while it’s baking.
  • The oven was too hot.
  • The cake was baked for too long.
  • The fat content used (i.e butter, oil, margarine, etc.) was wrong.

17. The Middle of The Cake Didn’t Rise

  • The size of the cake pan was wrong
  • Measurement of ingredients was wrong
  • The oven temperature was too hot / cold or it was baked for too little time
  • The oven door was opened too early

18. There Are Holes In The Cake

  • The batter is over mixed.
  • You waited too long to put the cake in the oven.
  • You forgot to preheat your oven.

All the info is based on our experiences in our baking journey. Do let us know if you have any extra insights.

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