Crunchy & Spicy Ayam Goreng Berhantu in KL

Craving crunchy and spicy fried chicken? Head to Ayam Goreng Berhantu for a haunting taste you cannot get enough of! 

This humble street food stall is located at Kampung Pandan Dalam, KL, and is run by Roslinawati, an accounting undergraduate. Before opening the stall, she did online business, but the sales started to drop after MCO. 

Anxious about what to do next to survive, she then suggested to her husband to sell fried chicken and still survive.

When asked what inspired her to opt for selling fried chicken, she said that everyone likes to eat chicken, making it easier to sell. 

However, to make her stand out more from other vendors, she added special Korean and cheese sauce to the usual fried chicken.

Here is the full menu of Ayam Goreng Berhantu:

What makes the Korean sauce taste better and unique here is the fact that it is homemade with a secret recipe, making it a taste hard to find elsewhere. Even so, the sauce is made to cater to Malaysians’ tastes, so everyone can enjoy the sauce’s spiciness.

Look at how tempting the sauce looks! After frying the chicken, it will be coated generously with Korean sauce, leaving you wanting more and more of its deliciousness. The sweet and spicy taste is addictive to the customers, as many people will come and repeat their orders.

Not a fan of spicy food? You can also enjoy fried chicken with drizzles of cheese, made especially for all cheese lovers! 

If you are a true fried chicken fan, this stall also offers fried chicken for RM1.50 without sauces. The size of the chicken is totally worth the price! 

One of the many reasons she chose the current stall location is its strategic place. It is in front of a mosque with a neighbourhood surrounding it.

The menus available are Ayam Goreng, Ayam Korean, Ayam Cheese, Ayam Mix (half Korean and half cheese), Ramen Ayam Korean and Ramen Ayam Cheese. The special menu is, without a doubt, Ayam Korean because of the homemade sauce. 

If you are a first-timer, Roslinawati recommends Ayam Mix, as you can get a chance to taste both Ayam Cheese and Ayam Korean. 

Like many other business owners, she also faced issues of inflation. The increased price of chicken affected her business until she could not open the stall. 

Even with all the hardship she had to endure, she hopes that one day, she can open a proper stall and other branches in many states.

Here is the menu we recommend:

  1. Ayam Korean
  2. Ayam Cheese
  3. Ayam Mix

Are you interested in indulging in the crunchy Ayam Goreng Berhantu in KL? Remember to come here before 3pm bcs it usually closes after the chicken is finished. Here are the things you need to know about this stall:

Operating Hours: 
11:00 am – 3:00 pm (Monday – Saturday)
Closed on Sundays 

Address: 2, Jalan Pandan Medan, Kampung Pandan Dalam, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor

Google Map: Navigate Here

Google Review: Here

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