Cupcake Liners: All Your Questions Answered To Bake The Perfect Cupcake

You just wanted to bake cupcakes. But now you have to worry about cupcakes liners. 

What in the world are cupcakes liners?

Calm down. You probably already know them if you have eaten a cupcake. It’s those little casings or cups they come in, usually made of thin paper.   

Do I really need cupcake liners?

Yeap you do. They are really useful in baking and have several benefits:

  • Shape – Liners help maintain the cupcake structure and shape after baking
  • Easy cleaning – Since the batter is not in direct contact with the pan, you can save time cleaning and spend more time eating!
  • Hygiene – Once done, you can transfer it easily without touching it (don’t want your food to be touched by someone else right)
  • Quality – Cupcake liners will help to preserve the moisture in the cupcake, this will improve the taste of your cupcakes.
  • Just makes it look more pretty! Especially if you want to display it during a party, where you can choose the right colors and design according to the theme.

What are the basic types of cupcake liners?

White paper cupcake linerImage Credit :
Colored paper cupcake linerImage Credit :
Glassine cupcake linerImage Credit :
Foil cupcake linerImage Credit :
Tulip cupcake linerImage credit :
Lotus cupcake linerImage credit :

There are so many types, which cupcake liner should I pick?

It really depends on your purpose of baking – if you want bite-sized pieces, baking for a large crowd, or want it to be on display.

It is imperative though to choose one according to the size of your baking tray or pans.

Tips for measuring a cupcake liner: 

  1. Measure the overall diameter of the cupcake liner by flattening the sides of the cup
  2. Measure the bottom part of the cup
  3. Measure the height of the cup
  4. Then compare them with the measurements of your baking tray or pan

Here’s a little chart to help you choose the best cupcake liner depending on your needs:

CriteriaMini sizedStandard sizedJumbo sizedFlutedOil Proof
White paper liner////
Colored paper liner////
Glassine liner///
Foil liner////
Tulip liner//
Lotus liner//

Last question – cupcakes and muffins, is there a difference?

There are slight differences between cupcakes and muffins:

  • Cupcakes generally have icing or toppings while muffins do not have any
  • The head on cupcakes are no bigger than their body but muffins usually have a head that is bigger
  • Cupcakes tend to be sweeter than muffins, but both taste absolutely ‘delish’! 

So I tried making some, but there’s something wrong with my cupcakes!

Mistakes are inevitable. But what you can do is learn from it so you don’t repeat them. Here’s what you might have faced and the reasons behind it.

My cupcakes have sunk lower than The Titanic 

This is probably because you used expired ingredients. Although flour or baking soda doesn’t really show signs of spoilage, you should be aware of it’s expiry dates. Using expired baking soda will cause your cupcakes to sink and not turn out fluffy and puffy.

In addition to that, the freshness of your ingredients also plays a huge role in making cupcakes taste splendid. The freshest ingredients result in the finest cupcakes. Just remember that, and you should be fine.

My cupcake is hard

Oh dear, I think you have used the wrong flour. You may have used a flour that is high in protein content like Bread Flour or any other flour made of hard wheat. Flour made of hard wheat would result in dense, rough textured baked goods. 

If a recipe states a certain type of flour, it’s best to use the one specified, but if it just states ‘flour’ then you are safe to substitute it with all-purpose flour-[insert link to The Ultimate Flour Guide for Baking article]

My cupcake is as dry as the Sahara

Lol. You didn’t use the cupcake liner did you? This is precisely why it’s so useful. Ensuring the moisture is preserved in a cupcake is just one of the many benefits cupcake liners have. So please use it my dear friend.

But if you did use it, then maybe you overbaked your cupcake. What you could do next time is to use an oven thermometer to check the actual temperature inside the oven versus the temperature you set. The reason being is, the temperature inside the oven may be already hotter than it should be.

On top of that, the duration you set for baking also plays a major role. If your oven was already warmer than it should be, you may want to decrease the baking time. When in doubt, think less is more. Set it to a shorter time, then check the cupcakes to know if you should pop it back in the oven or not. 

My cupcakes have holes like The Moon

This just means that the way you use the oven should be improved

You probably let the raw cupcake batter sit too long outside before popping it into the oven. You see, when you add certain ingredients for example baking powder, the chemical reaction takes place almost instantly – creating air bubbles. It should be popped in the oven as quickly as possible to allow the heat from the oven to set the bubbles.

Besides that, I know you’re too excited but you should not keep opening the oven door. You will be letting the heat escape and it will definitely affect the end results of your cupcakes. Wait at least till three-fourths of the total baking time to open up the oven and check your beloved cupcakes. If you need to bake it a bit more longer, pop it in, and wait for at least another 5 minutes before opening back the oven door.

The frosting on my cupcakes is melting like the icebergs in the North Pole

Again, I know you are too excited to get your cupcakes ready – but please be patient. 

If you applied frosting as soon as you took the cupcakes out of the oven, the frosting will most definitely melt. You may even end up with crumbs from the top of the cupcake in your frosting. Now that’s going to look like a disaster. 

So yea, chill and let your cupcakes chill too before applying the frosting.

That’s what you need to know about Cupcake Liners and how to bake perfect cupcakes. Excuse me while I finish my cupcake now.

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