Day 4: Dessert Category

‘Stressed’ spelled backwards is ‘Desserts’! It’s time to equip yourself with the knowledge of desserts. There are a lot of desserts but they are categorized into a few sections here so it is easier for you to understand, then apply tricks and play around with which one works and which one does not.

Types of dessert categories:


Cakes, cupcakes, cake pops steamed cake and many more that have cake in its name are categorized into this category.


Pastry is something that are based on a dough-like crust and there are tons of product that using a dough as their base like puff pastry, sugar crust and pie crust. 

Cold dessert

Cold desserts vary, some need continuous refrigerations and some do not. For example, a perfect example of a cold dessert that requires continuous refrigeration time is ice cream and one that doesn’t require continuous refrigeration are the panna cotta and creme caramel.

Savoury dessert

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Desserts are not only meant to only be sweet. In Asia, desserts can also be savoury. There are tons of savoury local desserts and it is one of the heritage that should be preserved. 


Cookies are also one of the main categories of dessert due to the versatility of it’s methods. 

These treats, which are, absolutely abundant, meant to satisify even the sweetest tooth.

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