Did you know Vinegar and Baking Soda can be turned into a DIY Shampoo?

Do you have these ingredients stored somewhere but used rarely? Did you know you make a DIY Shampoo using these two materials? Yes! These two mixtures help to provide a deep clean of your hair and scalp. This trick and DIY by mindbodygreen might just be the next best thing you’re trying!

Image credit: Unsplash

Firstly, what you absolutely need to know about first is that this shampoo must be used with care. As baking soda has a high pH (alkaline), it can potentially mess with the pH of your scalp due to the fact that our scalps are acidic naturally to avoid any bacterial growth. Use it wrongly then you might have to deal with prone-to-breakage, dry and frizzy hair and no one wants that. 

So yeah, this shampoo is only used when you desperately need to deep clean your scalp. However, if you have dry hair, it’s advised to skip this baking soda shampoo and opt for an apple cider vinegar rinse! Other than that, remember that different people have different skin types so if you think you’re sensitive to baking soda, best to avoid or if you’re not sure, do a patch test first on your inner arm.

Now, let’s jump into the ingredients needed for the DIY shampoo:

  • 1 part baking soda
  • 3 parts lukewarm water
  • small bowl

Next, instructions on how to use it:

  1. Firstly, make sure you know when you need to use it. As we mentioned before, you can’t use it on the regular so only use it for when you need to deep clean your scalp.
  2. Mix up your baking soda and water. Adjust the ingredients accordingly. For example: Use 2 – 3 tbsp of baking soda and 6 – 9 tbsp of water if you have shoulder-length hair. Combine them together until thick paste is formed. If you have any essential oil, you can have a few drops in. Then, pour the mixture into an empty, clean bottle.
  3. Apply the baking soda shampoo to wet hair. Get every strand of your hair wet by rinsing and turn off the water. Now, apply the shampoo on the scalp and end the procedure at the tips of your hair. The mixture might feel all gritty but it’s normal. Continue to work it into your scalp but not too hard (love yourself) as it might cause irritation. Let it sit for 1 – 3 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.
  4. Be sure to apply apple cider vinegar rinse. Make sure to finish it off with an apple cider vinegar rinse. 


  • ½ tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar (organic, unfiltered)
  • 1 cup of cold water

As baking soda can open the hair cuticles, with the apple cider vinegar, it helps to seal it up to defrizz the hair.

  1. Dry your hair like normal. After rinsing, consider letting your hair air dry or use a blow dryer on a cool setting then you can style it like normal. Some like to add a hydrating oil to their ends, so if you have one, go ahead!

There you go! A DIY Shampoo to deep clean your scalp. This might not work for everyone and always remember to do a patch test before going for it, we don’t want you to start hurting yourself when making this. Stay safe folks!

DIY credit: mindbodygreen

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