Enjoy As Many as 5 Free Drinks at ZUS Coffee

Let’s get the most out of the last day before Ramadan by indulging in your favourite ZUS Coffee beverage with your family and friends!

Image Credit: ZUS Coffee

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and a wallet full of vouchers by heading to the nearest ZUS Coffee outlet before it’s too late! Don’t miss out on the fantastic one-day deal on 22nd March! 

Top up your ZUS app voucher wallet to enjoy a free cup(s) of your favourite drinks:

☕ Top Up RM50 = FREE 1 cup

☕ Top Up RM100 = FREE 2 cups

☕ Top Up RM200 = FREE 5 cups

Image Credit: ZUS Coffee

When you think of Ramadan, you must be thinking of kurma. ZUS Coffee takes this opportunity to offer a refreshing drink, Kurma Spanish Frappe, that you can indulge in for the whole month!

Imagine the sensation of drinking a beverage that starts with the refreshing coolness of ice, followed by the creamy richness of milk, and then explodes with the sweet taste of kurma, creating a delightful experience in your mouth.

This drink is a must-have for breaking your fast and providing the energy to keep going throughout the day.


Now is the best time to pamper your taste buds with all the ZUS Coffee drinks you have been meaning to try this whole time! 

Don’t miss out on this incredible deal! Order now on the official website https://zuscoffee.page.link/OrderNow or head to your nearest outlet for a late-night snack after Terawih!

Here is the summary of the deal: 

Promotion Info: Top up your ZUS balance to enjoy free cup(s) of your favourite brew only on 22nd March
Promotion Period: 22nd March 2023

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