See The Most Extreme Malaysian Food! THE BIRYANI MOUNTAIN

This Malaysian-Thai Chef will give you an amazing experience at his restaurant!

The restaurant features many different mixes of cuisines such as Traditional Thai dishes, along with Indian, Chinese and Malay inspired classics. 

This was the Smoked Goat Leg Curry. Just look at how thick it is. The curry is braised for 6 hours to get all those excellent juices and essence from the goat! 

A crispy bak kwa also known as Chinese salty and sweet dried meat. It is charred to perfection!

Now let’s get to the famous biryani!

So first, the rice is laid out on the banana leaf and asian veggies are added.

Then quail egg sambal and small dried shrimps goes on top. 

Smokin hot goat leg curry, bok choy and portobello mushrooms are placed next.

And guys it’s not only goat curry. We got pork knuckle curry too! And oh boy it is cooked perfectly! Just look at those colors!

Lime and curd is then added to this platter for aroma and extra ‘zing’.

You would have never guessed this. IKAN BAKAR is also added to the biryani! 

Oh and the protein doesn’t stop here, we’ve even got some Sriracha flavored chicken wings.

And finally after garnishing with nuts and herbs, it is done. A LITERAL MOUNTAIN OF FOOD. Oh and don’t worry if you can’t finish it! You can take away the rest in a claypot!

This is a feast full of flavor and aroma.

Check out the whole video here Youtube by Mark Wiens

All credits go to the respective owners.

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