Funniest Wedding Cake Fails | Expectation Is Far From Reality

We are back guys with some of the funniest wedding cake fails! 

Below are some of the images from the video. So pick a comfy spot and let’s get started!

1. What They Didn’t Want

Those groom and bride cake toppers are kinda cute hahaha!

2. Peacock Cake

That poor peacock on the right! xD

3. Didn’t Read The Instructions

The person who assembled this cake clearly didn’t read the instructions given. A reminder that as lazy we can be, it’s better to get the manual haha!

4. Pregnant Sumo Wrestler

Yes, that is what the bride looks like unfortunately.

5. ‘Weeding’ Cake

And that is why language lessons are very important hahaha!

6. Which to worry about?

I don’t know which is more concerning – the bride’s face or her unexplainable long arms.

7. Castle Wedding Cake

They tried… haha.

8. What Even?

I don’t know about others, but I am certainly not going to take a bite from this cake or should I say ‘slurp’?

9. Don’t Know How to Feel About This

Edible sugar oysters on a cake.. Hmmm? I think I’ll pass.

10. What They Ordered VS What They Got

The dimensions and alignments are way off xD

11. What They Received The Night Before The Wedding

I wonder how the bride would have stayed calm receiving the cake on the right when she was expecting it to look like the one on the left hahaha.

12. Is it melting?

The one on the right really is far from the expected hahaha. 

13. When You Ask For A But Get Z

The color is off and the stripes look so sad and droopy.

14. The ‘Gold’ Cake

Not sure how it happened. From gold to cement haha?

15. The ‘Grim’ Topper

The groom topper looks like either he put too much make up or is actually a ghost.

16. You Tell Me What This Is

Cause I honestly have no clue what it looks like or supposed to be?

17. Leaning Tower of Cake?

I don’t know if the bride would have laughed or cried hahaha!

18. Muddy Cake

I know what they were trying to go for, but…. It’s just not that appealing and working sadly for me lol.

19. Monogram of the Month

Now I wonder how the women at this event would have reacted hahaha!

20. Errr?

It looks like someone smeared poop on the wedding cake.

Check out the video for more:

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