Get To Know Chocolate

Hmm, do you really know about your precious treat – Chocolates?Test yourself with these, and find out if you do!

Semi-Sweet Chocolate

  • Contains at least 35%45% cacao
  • Great all-purpose, versatile chocolate
  • Not very cream, sweet
  • Great all-purpose, versatile chocolate

Unsweetened Chocolata

  • Also know as baking chocolate, bitter Chocolate
  • 100% caocao, no added sugars or cocoa butter
  • Bitter
  • Good for Baking

Milk Chocolate

  • Contains 10% cacao and at least 12% milk solids
  • Most often used in candy bars
  • typically very sweet
  • Good for Eating

Dark Chocolate

  • Contains at least 70% cacao
  • Known to have health benefits
  • Intense flavor, can be bitter
  • Good for Eating, Baking

Chocolate Coating

  • Also known as compound chocolate
  • Vegetable fat with sugar, cocoa powder and/or cocoa butter
  • Comes in assorted flavors
  • Making Chocolate Decorations, coating candy

Milk Chocolate

  • Technically not chocolate because does not contain cocoa
  • Contains a minimum of 20% cocoa butter and 14% milk solids.
  • Creamy, sweet, like vanilla or other added flavors
  • Eating coating

Now you probably know which would be better for eating and baking!

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