Guys Bake Cookies Without A Recipe

Have you ever tried baking something without a recipe? It can be a little hard right? Especially since baking puts a lot of emphasis on following recipes. This is because the measurement of the ingredients, the ratio of the flour to sugar and what not, are all KEY to SUCCESSFUL BAKING.

But in this show, you will see this group of guys, Keith, Eugene, Ned and Zach who try to bake cookies WITHOUT A RECIPE!

They are so funny and all have different perspectives on and approaches to baking and winning.

Keith’s tagline is ‘must win, or else’ hahaha! So you know that he is going to go all out during this competition. Keith is inspired by his father’s favourite cookie; Oatmeal Raisin Cookie and is going to try to bake it!

Eugene is all about creativity and he strongly believes ‘when in doubt, add alcohol’. (I must say I kinda agree hahaha!) We know Eugene loves alcohol so yes, you guessed it – he is making a cookie infused with alcohol. He is Korean and thus wants to put gochujang and miso into it as well! Now get this, gochujang is a korean fermented soybean paste. It is only used in savoury dishes usually like Bibimbap. If you wanna try it, check out

Ned was the ‘third place veteran’ where he cooked before on the show and was able to win a spot. He really puts the effort! This time, he will be making the childhood favourite, cookies with peanut butter and chocolate. He gives it a twist by adding WHITE MISO to give the cookie UMAMI flavor.

Zach is the funny one also known as the ‘fourth place veteran’. He doesn’t know most of the time what he is doing but still tries anyway! And the effort is what matters right hehehe? This time Zach is back at it again with a recipe called ‘Garbage Cookie’. Literally, that’s what he named it. His idea is to add everything he loves into a whole large cookie!

They will have 2 hours to present their cookies to the panel of judges;

  • Rosanna Pansino who has been cooking since she was 4 and has a popular cooking show on youtube.
  • Roy Choi, a World Renowned Chef

As they are cooking, you will also see Reece Scelfo in action. 

He is the owner of Brady’s Bakery – an online baking company that specialize in cookies and bread pudding. He shows you how to actually make the base cookie recipe so that you can change up the ingredients as you please. 



This is because you have either put too much butter into your cookie mixture or too little flour.


This is because you could have put ‘too much’ cinnamon into the mixture. The cinnamon will absorb the moisture thus, leaving your cookie dry. 


You need to make sure you keep an eye on the cookies in the oven and how long it stays in there.


Once you have the base cookie dough recipe, you can start going wild (but maybe not too wild) with the ingredients.

Check out the video here:

We hope you found this video hilarious and made you entertained.

If you have any funny cooking or baking pictures, videos or any other hilarious cooking moments, do share them with us! We would love to see and hear them! 

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