Hopping Into A Yummy 2023 With MFM Cap Ros

1. Prosperity Rabbit Pau


Year 2023 is the year of the Rabbit. According to Chinese astrology, the sign of Rabbit symbolizes longevity, peace and prosperity. Year 2023 is predicted to be the year of hope. 

MFM Cap Ros has launched a Chinese New Year campaign, namely #Hopping Into A Yummy 2023, with a collection of delicious and easy-prep recipes for authentic and scrumptious feasts on this very special occasion.


Make these soft, fluffy and cute Prosperity Rabbit steamed pau 玉兔迎春 to start the Chinese New Year on a good note. 

This simple yet yummy rabbit pau definitely makes your kids drool and ask for more. The filling of Ayam Fiesta Smokey BBQ Chicken Bites coated with refreshing sauce is simply just irresistible! Best to serve during tea time with families and friends.

2. Lucky Carrot Crepe


Crepe is one of the popular snacks in Chinese food tradition. This Lucky Carrot Crepe 金条满堂 is on a healthier and lighter curation. Watch the video and learn how to make this delicious delicacy. Whip up a batch and enjoy it with your loved ones!

3. Golden Bunny Cookies


Bake your own cookies on this Chinese New Year with our easy and fuss-free recipe. The Golden Bunny Cookies 金兔迎春 recipe is not just simple for the first-timer, but also children-friendly too! 

Impress your families and guests with these crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth cookies as easy as ABC.

4. Blossoming Wonton


Not to forget the all-time favourite fried wonton! A significant Chinese dim sum symbolizes good fortune on this Spring Festival. Blossoming Wonton 花开富贵 is deep-fried all up for a golden crispy and explosion of flavor that definitely keeps your stomach happy. Nail this delicacy with Ayam Dindings Chicken Nugget as the filling.

Master all these recipes that are specially curated by MFM Cap Ros for you on this Chinese New Year. Don’t forget to share on MFM Cap Ros social media pages to win e-Angpow!

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