How to Check if your Baking Powder and Baking Soda are Still Usable

We’re all aware of baking powder and baking soda and what it does for our baking fun. Absolutely two important ingredients to have in the cabinet but you’re curious whether it has expired or not. Yes, you can check to see the expiration date but what if there isn’t one and you’re not sure when’s the last time you’ve bought it. Well, here’s a simple guide to help you out and test if those two ingredients are still safe to use!

Baking Powder

Baking Powder
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A baking powder ingredient should always dry and properly stored in the cabinet but sometimes you forget that they’re there when you’re not a huge baking enthusiast. It has a shelf life up to 6 months – 1 year.

To test out whether your baking powder is good to use, just scoop some into a bowl. Pour in some boiling water or at least like ¼ cup or more. If it bubbles up, starts to fizz and dissolves immediately then you can use it! But if it doesn’t and the powder just floats on top of the water, boy oh boy, throw it in the trash and buy a new one. 

Baking Soda

Baking Soda
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Baking soda might have a longer shelf life but that doesn’t mean it lasts forever, sometimes you even forget you have it too!

To test this one out, you also need an acidic ingredient to see if it still works. So, add some baking soda into a bowl. Add a splash or a teaspoon of vinegar or any other acidic ingredient like lemon juice into the bowl. If the mixture fizzles and produces carbon dioxide bubbles, then it’s good to use but if it doesn’t, then throw it away. 

Make sure to properly store your baking soda away from moisture and make sure it’s dry!

Super easy, and you don’t have to do much when you’re trying to test out these ingredients but always be aware of when you bought these ingredients and throw them away when it’s already too long or too bad to even use. Happy baking!

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