How To Incorporate Dates In Baking

Use Dates when baking for ‘your dates’ hehe.It is much healthier and sweeter! Here are more info on dates and how you can incorporate it in baking:

  • General Discussion on Dates
  • Normal Dates & Pitted Dates
  • Chopped Dates
  • Dates in Syrup Form
  • Dates in Paste Form

General Discussion on Dates

Fruits have a strong influence in our dessert world. Even though desserts were popularized by the westerners and the usage of western fruits are dominant, there are actually some other fruits that are so
versatile and delicious to be incorporated into baking. The fruit that we’re going to talk about is Dates!

Date is a powerful and ancient fruit that has been eaten and cultivated by humans as early as 4,000 B.C. Dates are nutrient dense and packed with taste! There are a plethora of date variants! So now, it is
time for you to learn the various forms of dates that are available in the market so you can infuse it during baking!

Normal Dates & Pitted Dates

Whole dates are the ones you guys are more familiar with. Now there are pitted or seedless dates available in the market where the seeds are pre-removed for easy consumption and baking. There are more than 1,400 species of dates in the world. They possess different aroma, colour, size, texture and moisture levels. Some species may have dry skin, so it is important for you to rehydrate it.

Dates are perfect to be incorporated in baking because the body of the dates are soft like molasses which is easy to incorporate into baking cakes, biscuits and many more. Our personal favorite is to turn the dates into a compote where it can be used in a lot of baking goods!

Chopped Dates

Chopped dates are when dates have been pitted and chopped. Typically they are sprinkled with an anti-clumping agent such as dextrose. So this means that chopped dates are a little bit sweeter or a little bit dryer compared to normal dates.

But if we have the option to choose to chop dates or use pre-chopped dates, we will choose pre-chopped dates in a heartbeat. It is because chopping fresh dates can be a really messy process.

To use chopped dates in baking, you need to increase the liquid content, because if you stick to the normal recipe, the dates will absorb the moisture and this will affect the texture of the baked goods! So it is advisable to hydrate it with water. The recommendation is for every 50g of chopped dates, add 2 tbsp of water.

Chopped dates are perfect for cookies because cookies are low in liquid / moisture. But in bread and cake making, you need to watch out for the liquid absorption or else your baked goods will be dry and hard.

Dates in Syrup Form

Dates are also available in a syrup form. This innovation was created to be used as a sugar replacement. Thus, it is perfect for dessert making.

Most fruits need to be turned into a compote before you incorporate it into baking or desserts. However with dates, since it is available in syrup form, it is easier to apply it as drizzle or extra flavouring for your dessert. The taste also has more depth compared to simple syrup and will enhance the aroma and the flavor of your cake.

Dates in Paste Form

Just like bean paste, dates are also available in paste form. Date paste can be used as a fillings, or to be incorporated into butter cream or mousses.

What makes it different is there is less date skin making it not too fibrous compared to if you mash whole dates or pitted dates. This will save your time and make your baking experience really smooth sailing

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