How To Know If Your Egg Is Good or Gone Bad | A Simple Trick

Time and time again, we arrive at that scenario where we kept our eggs for too long and probably don’t even know the expiry date. Well here is a simple trick for you to find out if your eggs are still good or have already goon bad.

Things you need:

  1. Huge bowl
  2. Eggs
Image Credit : icookasia

How to do it: 

  1. Fill up your huge bowl with water
  2. Put the eggs in the bowl
  3. Wait a few seconds, then observe the positions of the eggs
    • If the egg is at the bottom of the bowl and is horizontal, then it is still good
    • If the egg is almost at the bottom of the bowl, it means it is approximately about a week old.
    • If the egg is at the bottom of the bowl but is vertical, then you need to cook it immediately! It is because it is almost close to going bad, but can be still eaten if cooked soon.
    • If the egg is floating towards the top of the bowl, then you have to say ‘bye’ to it. It’s definitely gone bad. Please just throw it away.

Credit to this interesting tip goes to Fazli. You can check out his profile here.

If you have any other wonderful tips like these for making diet friendly yet tasty food or even any other cooking tips at all, do let us know! Happy Dieting (I hope hahaha)!

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