How To Pipe Colourful Buttercream

Have you ever wondered how pastry chefs do colourful piping on cupcakes or cake decorating?
Is there anything prettier than rainbow buttercream? We all know it tastes the same, in fact most of the time it is vanilla flavoured.

However just seeing those pretty rainbow buttercream piping blended together just somehow makes it taste better, even if just in our imaginations. But one thing is for sure, rainbow buttercream is just so pretty to look at!

So what are the things you should know?

  • Always have your buttercream ready and sufficient.
  • Instead of using 1 piping for each colour, you can combine all colours in 1 sheet of plastic film. (reduce plastic)
  • If you do not own a coupler set, you can use 1 large piping bag and place the wrapped coloured buttercream into the large piping bag. As and when you want to change the nozzle, simply just remove the plastic of buttercream and switch to another nozzle.
  • You can play with different types of piping depending on the nozzles you have in your kitchen.

Additional tips: 

You can use any combination of colours that you like, it does not need to have 6 to 7 colours in a piping bag. So if you are making a cake or cupcake for someone or for an event that requires another colour combination, this technique works the same.

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