How To Whip Meringue

To whip up egg whites and sugar into meringue, it is similar to whipping up whipping cream.

Beating up egg whites and sugar requires a lot more time than whipping up whipping cream. So you might want to use an electric mixer to do this. But for egg whites there are some few tips you might want to take note before you start whisking them.

  • Ensure egg whites are at room temperature prior whipping for better volume. Room temperature egg whites / warmer egg whites whip faster than cold egg whites.
  • Always make sure your utensils and bowls are clean. Any yolk (or other fat, oil, or grease) that makes its way into the whites will keep the whites from whipping up as big and fluffy as possible.
  • Whipping up a big batch of egg whites, you can add in a little lemon juice/ cream of tartar / vinegar helps to stabilise them and allows the beaten whites to reach their full volume and stiffness.
  • For optimum volume and smoothest texture, sugar should be added gradually, beginning only after the whites have been beaten to the foamy stage (about double in volume).  Adding all of the sugar before you begin beating the egg whites will result in less volume
  • Use castor sugar instead of fine granulated sugar. Castor sugar granules are much finer than fine granulated sugar and it dissolves faster while whipping up meringue. 
  • How To Pasteurise Egg White? Simply place egg whites into a clean bowl over bain marie and some sugar. Keep whisking to prevent egg whites from getting cooked. Over bain marie, egg whites temperature must be at least 60c or slightly over and remove it from the boiling pot. (known as Swiss Meringue)

Additional tips: 

Do take into account that the weather will affect your meringue. If you are doing meringue cookies, try to avoid doing it on humid or rainy days as it will absorb moisture that causes your meringue cookies to be sticky.

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