How to Whip Whipping Cream Using Hand Whisk

Many recipes call for whipped cream and when it mentions whipped cream it actually means the cream has been already whipped up into a light and airy whipped cream. In order to whip up whipping cream, you will need to whip it either by using a hand whisk or electric mixer / beater. Many home bakers have the fear of whipping up creams due to the over whipping or under whipping of the cream. Below are some tips and tricks on how to whip whipping by using a hand whisk.

  • By using hand whisk to whip up your cream, you have the most control over the texture.
  • It is best to whip up by hand for beginners who are not too sure how to control the whipping time, speed or texture if using hand mixers or stand mixers.
  • Always ensure your whipping cream is cold before you start whipping it. 
  • Use a round bottom bowl for easier whipping compared to round flat based bowls.
  • Always whip in a cool environment. If your environment is warm, you can chill your bowl in the refrigerator for at least 20mins before whipping up.
  • Check the labels before purchasing your whipping cream, the fat content should be at least 30% – 36% in order to have a perfectly whipped cream. Any whipping cream with a lower fat content will not be able to whip up as there isn’t enough fat content.
  • Whipping up cream using hand whisk and by hand requires a lot of PATIENCE. Do not rush into it.

Additional tips: 

How to get flavoured whipped cream?
You can add any flavouring to your liking or you can also infuse your cream with citrus / coffee / spices prior to whipping.

Once you have successfully achieved how to whip up whipping cream using a hand whisk, you can practically use this whipped cream for your desserts. It is commonly used as pie toppings, ice creams, cakes and so many other desserts as well.

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