Kuih Bahulu Pn Sairah @ Kg. Mempagar, Sabah

Great news for all Bahulu aficionados! Our team found one of the hidden fluffy sponge cakes in Kg Mempagar, Sabah. What differentiates this stall from others is that they sell it at the roadside and in front of the owner’s house. Let’s check out this Kedai Intan!

The owner of this Kedai is Puan Sairah Bin Majiz, and she is 69 years old. She is a down-to-earth owner who has been running her business, Kedai Intan, for over 10 years in Kg Mempagar. Before this, Pn Sairah had a business in Pasar Pekan Beaufort, but instead of selling bahulu, she sold a variety of kuih basah, such as Cakoi, Kuih Piang, and Karipap. At the same time, she also runs the catering service, which she offers until today. 

If you are from Sabah, you must be familiar with her delicious Bahulu. It is a family business, handled by Pn Sairah, children and grandchildren and has been selling bahulu since 25 years ago. Today, Pn Sairah mainly focuses on her business at Kedai Intan. According to Pn Sairah, she also sells a variety of menus, such as Soto Ayam at Kedai Intan, but since she does not have enough workers to help her, she focuses on her Kuih business. During the MCO,  Pn Sairah did not operate her usual business due to the lack of customers. Even so, she never gives up hope and perceives the situation positively. 

Kedai Intan utilises traditional and modern ways of baking the bahulu. One of the ways is by using “sabut kelapa” to bring out the aromatic smell that can be recognised even from afar. Even though it takes quite some time to cook, the outcomes of bahulu cooking using this method will have a great and distinctive flavour, leaving you wanting more and more of its deliciousness. According to Pn Sairah, when she baked the Bahulu using “sabut kelapa”, it took almost 6 hours to mix the ingredients manually and 7 to 8 hours to finish it. 

The other method used by Pn Sairah is by using an oven for cooking the bahulu. It is a modern way and a lot more convenient as the bahulu will be done in a short period. Despite that, the bahulu baked using this method is still as inviting. Pn Sairah not just baking Bahulu everyday, she also baking Kuih Sapit and Rempeyek. However, due to the lack of workers, she is now solely focused on producing more Bahulu.

Kedai Intan’s customers had praised Pn Sairah’s bahulu can be kept for a long time as it is long-lasting and will not get spoilt easily when compared to other bahulu sold by others. This is definitely a bonus point for those who tend to keep their food for a long time. 

Each pack is only RM10.00, and it is loaded with made-to-perfection bahulu, allowing you to share awesomeness with your loved ones. It is also packed in an easy-to-carry plastic bag that can be stress-freely transported from one place to another.

Kedai In-Tan’s speciality is bahulu, but there are also a few other items, such as Sapit and Rempeyek. Pn Sairah’s bahulu cannot be compared as the fluff texture and flavourful taste is what made her bahulu distinctive from others.

We just cannot resist buying several packs of Pn Sairah’s Bahulu! The fact that it is affordable makes it even better! So, what are you waiting for? Head to Kedai Intan today to try the palatable taste of Pn Sairah’s Bahulu! 

Here are the products that you can buy when visiting Kedai Intan:

  1. Bahulu
  2. Sapit
  3. Rempeyek

Let’s check out the location and operating hours before heading to secure yourself a pack of delectable Bahulu! You can also google SK Mempagar if you have difficulty finding the stall, as Kedai Intan is located nearby the school.

Address: Kedai Intan, Kampung Mempagar, Jalan Beaufort, 89800, Sabah

Operating Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Daily)

Pn Sairah – 017-8665384
Yan – 012-8344986

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