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Those who live alone tend to have sometimes a little trouble. They need to do everything by themselves; from getting the groceries, preparing all the cooking ingredients to cleaning up and more. Thus, simple tips in the kitchen will definitely ease their burden and give them more peace of mind after a long day at work. Here are some pointers when cooking, preparing food and other kitchen tricks for all you who are living alone.

1. Silicon cutting boards will be your new best friend

This is because they have a nice protruding edge to prevent food from falling down.

And you can easily bend them when transferring ingredients due to the flexibility that silicone products offer. It also is not prone to knife marks and can be washed easily.

2. Cut and prepare all your ingredients in advance in steel containers. 

You can separate them based on the ingredients or what you are going to cook. Then place it in the freezer.

You can actually do this on the weekend and have one steel container for each weekday with the pre-cut ingredients. This saves so much of your time after work. You just have to toss it in the pan and start cooking!

3. Cook a lot of rice and freeze it

You can wrap up your cooked rice in parchment paper.

And portion it into appropriate meal amounts. 

If you don’t want to do this, you can also put it all in a microwavable pot and take as much as you need, when you want it. 

This also saves so much time and trouble since you do not have to wait for your rice to cook everyday after work.

4. Clean your kitchenware with baking soda

If you are using silicone kitchenware, that would be great. You can boil it all together then add the baking soda.

The baking soda helps to remove all those stickiness.

5. Get broth packets for soup

These packets are premade ingredients soup and stew. You can also find various flavors according to the soup you want. You are going to save a whole lot of time compared to preparing ingredients from scratch to make the broth. This is especially useful if you are always in a hurry.

6. Make hotpot

It’s one of the easiest and quickest meals to have. You just throw in all the ingredients that you love, add your favourite soup or broth and boil it! Then voila!

7. Clean your microwave with baking soda

Just mix water and baking soda at ratio 3:1 in a bowl.

Then microwave it for about 3 mins.

Then wipe the interior of the microwave with a cloth.

8. Stack your kitchen ware for more cabinet space

Get kitchenware that you are able to store like nesting dolls. This not only looks good but it also gives you more space.

Getting it all in simplistic, solid colors also makes it look more neat.

See how pretty it looks when your kitchenware is all in the same color. 

Plus, it’s not only about the aesthetic, it actually indirectly gives off a calm and organized vibe, making your mind at ease too.

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We hope you found this video helpful and enjoyed it.

If you have any other great hacks for living alone, kitchen hack or any other hacks at all, do share them with us! We would love to see and hear them!

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