Malaysian Childhood games that could be In Squid Game

Jumping into the Squid Game hype, these are our takes of Malaysian Childhood games that could be done What are yours or your favorite childhood game?

1. Baking Selipar

Baking Selipar

Bored? Use your slippers to play lah.

2. Ceper


Remember the need to collect bottle caps just to play this?

3. Lawan Pemadam

Lawan Pemadam

The reason why we have too many erasers in our pencil case.

4. Batu Seremban

Batu Seremban

To be honest, the first level is already hard.

5. Congkak


If they gave out the congkak board along with the marbles.

6. Teng Teng

Teng Teng

It may look wasy but imagine what the Squid Game people would do with this

7. Paper Fortune Teller

Paper Fortune Teller

You might only with this based on your luck.

8. Nenek Si Bongkok Tiga

Nenek Si Bongkok Tiga

An old game with a name that’s creepy. Imagine how they would play this.

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