5 Useful Tips To Master Your Bento | Now Your Lunchbox Will Look Better

Bento is a home packed meal that is famous in Japan. It has become super popular across countries nowadays due to its modern cute designs!

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More and more people are now trying to make it too! Some are easy to create and some require more effort. 

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However, it is not actually very hard to do, but knowing a few tips will definitely help you take your bento to the next level. 

Whether it’s for your husband or children, they are definitely going to love these cute homemade meals that look and taste amazing!

So let’s take a look at some tips to master your bento!

1. Place them straight up

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Placing especially onigiri straight up always looks way better and it’s also easier to pick up.  

2. Place them in lines

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Aligning the similar food in a straight line also creates a pleasing visual.

3. Avoid gaps

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Try to avoid gaps in a bento. Plan what you are making and make sure to fill up the bento box accordingly. There are many various sizes of bento boxes. So pick one that fits the size of the meal.

4. Add green lettuce

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This is not just great for health, but it also makes it look more aesthetic.

5. Use paper cups

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Utilize paper cups in helping you arrange ingredients. This ensures it is not mixed with the other ingredients or gets messy. This is especially useful for dishes that already have sauces or curry.

6. Lay food with center parts diagonally

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If your food has a center part or filling, like this tamago (rolled omelet), it’s better to place them diagonally. It makes it look more fancy.

7. Divide in four

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When it’s all side dishes, you can try arranging the dishes into four parts in a bento. It will look more organized.

8. Add colors

Image Credit: C Channel (facebook)
Image Credit: C Channel (facebook)

Add colors to the bento by adding tomatoes, lemons or broccoli. It’s healthy and also makes your bento look more vibrant!

9. Wrap it in cling film or parchment paper

Image Credit: C Channel (facebook)
Image Credit: C Channel (facebook)
Image Credit: C Channel (facebook)

For sandwiches, it’s always nicer to wrap it in cling film or better parchment paper (to reduce plastic), then cut it in half, and arrange it so you can see the fillings as above. This looks pretty and also is easier to eat without creating a lot of mess.

And those are the 9 tips to help you make bentos! 

Now you’re going to be able to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces with these cute bento designs. Have fun making them! 

Don’t worry if you fail at first, it’s the love and effort that counts. 

Check out the video here for more:

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If you have any cooking tips or baking tricks, do share them with us! We would love to see them! 

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