McDonald’s Prosperity Desserts 2022

It’s time for Prosperity Desserts and this time McDonald’s is offering you some creamy Chocolate Pie and sweet Strawberry Fudge Brownie McFlurry™️.

McDonalds Prosperity Desserts
Image Credit: McDonald’s

If you love your chocolate and strawberries in an ice cream then you should get the McFlurry™️ and enjoy both flavors in one go. 

Strawberry Choco Brownie McFlurry
Image Credit: Syioknya

It’s a great treat on a hot sunny day and you’re just craving for some chilled dessert!

Let’s not forget about the Chocolate Pie that’s just oozing with chocolate fillings the moment you break it apart. 

Chocolate Pie
Image Credit: Syioknya

So, what are you waiting for?

Only for a limited time, you can order this in-store, drive-thru or McDelivery. 

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