Millet Bak Zhang

Dumpling festival is around the corner, now make BakZhang with CED organic millet!

It gives you the pleasure of enjoying dumplings – the HEALTHIER way. We used CED Organic & Food 100% organic and pesticidefree millet – definitely the better option. Using millet to replace sticky rice can prevent gastric from eating too much bak zhang 

Then we added chicken and 3 TYPES OF BEANS seasoned with spices to ensure the best taste.

Millet Bak Zhang

Prep Time 3 hrs 20 mins
Cook Time 3 hrs


  • Couple of Dried bamboo leaves
  • 200 g CED Millet
  • CED natural himalaysan pink rock salt to season
  • 100 g Glutinous Rice (soaked)
  • 40 g Black Bean (soaked)
  • 40 g Azuki Bean (soaked)
  • 40 g Mung Bean (soaked)
  • 1 tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste


  • 1 nos star anise
  • 1 nos cinnamon stick
  • 6 nos Dried chilli
  • 2 tbsp Ginger Garlic paste
  • Oil to Saute
  • 100 g Honey
  • 2 nos chicken breast (cubed)
  • 100 g Lotus Root (half cooked)
  • 120 ml Soy sauce
  • 4 tbsp Oyster Sauce
  • 6 tbsp Chopped Spring onion
  • 4 Boiled Salted Egg Yolk
  • Couple of chopped Spring Onion


  • Soak the bamboo leaf at least overnight! Better it 2 days to soften the stem.
  • In a hot pan drizzled with 3 tbsp of oil, saute the ginger garlic paste
  • Cook until fragrant
  • Add 200g CED millet and the glutinous rice.
  • Cook until the millet is a bit brown.
  • And then transfer it into a bowl
  • Combine it with the remaining beans.
  • Set it aside


  • Meanwhile, heat your pan and drizzle the oil.
  • Add in the ginger garlic paste and cook until brown.
  • Add the spices and cook until fragrant
  • After that add in the chicken and the remaining ingredients
  • When it is fully cooked transfer into a bowl

Make up

  • Take the bamboo leaves and make a cone.
  • Fill the CED millet filling inside and followed with the chicken and lotus roots, salted eggyolk and spring onion.
  • Add another layer of CED millet mixture and close it and wrap it.
  • Tie it tightly.
  • Boil it for at least 3 hours!

Make it and enjoy a wholesome meal now with your family.

We collaborate with CED Organic & Food to create this awesome recipe.

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