[New!] Tom Yam Chicken from Marrybrown!

Sawadeeka! Marrybrown’s new hot and sour YAM-my #TomYam crispy chicken is on the market, hot and sour appetizer, as well as Tom Yam chicken burger, Tom Yam Nuggets, and Tom Yam fries😍!

Marrybrown traveled around the world and came to Thailand 😲! Marrybrown, the largest Halal chain fast food restaurant in Malaysia, has entered its 40th anniversary and launched the new super YAM-my “Tom Yam Crispy Chicken”. The fried chicken is sprinkled with a layer of secret Tom Yam spicy powder, which is sour and appetizing with one bite. Addictive, there are barrels (5 pieces of Tom Yam crispy chicken or more), you can share it with family and friends👏! 

Recommend the great value “Tom Yam Big Box”, combined with Tom Yam crispy chicken, Tom Yam Nugget, Tom Yam chicken burger, French fries, and Nestlé Pink Lemonade, it is very rich 🍔! #TomYam Chicken Burger Set is also very cost-effective, with French fries and Nestlé Pink Lemonade, only RM14.90🤩! There are also #TomYam Paste and #TomYam fries, hot and sour appetizers, hurry up and ask your colleagues and friends to go to Marrybrown to eat Thai-style fast food ✌️!

Credit: Marrybrown

Thailand is definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations for Malaysians. Its enthusiastic culture and mouth-watering cuisine are really missed! Do you miss Thai food very much too? Now comes the opportunity. Marrybrown’s new spicy and sour YAM-my menu, Marrybrown Tom Yam Chicken, can definitely bring you the familiar Thai flavor. You can’t go to Thailand yet, so why not go to Marrybrown to taste Thai-style food and experience the long-lost excitement!

Credit: Marrybrown

The series of new Marrybrown Thai-style products make people hungry!

✅ Tom Yam Chicken

very delicious! The super appetizing hot and sour Tom Yam Chicken starts at only RM12.70! And if you order five pieces of chicken or more, you will get a bucket of Tom Yam Chicken!


✔️ à la carte

Tom Yam Chicken 2-pc – Prices start from RM12.70

Tom Yam Chicken 5-pc – Prices start from RM31.50 (in barrels)

Tom Yam Chicken 9-pc – Prices start from RM55.80 (in barrels)

Credit: Marrybrown

✔️ Combo combo package

Tom Yam 2-pc combo package-price from RM17.90

Credit: Marrybrown

Tom Yam 3-pc combo package-price from RM21.90


Credit: Marrybrown

✅ Tom Yam Chicken Burger

Friends who like to eat Burger can also try Tom Yam Chicken Burger Combo! The combo set includes Tom Yam Chicken Burger, French fries, and Marrybrown’s exclusive Nestlé Pink Lemonade! The entire combo package only starts at RM14.90!

Single – Prices start from RM7.90

Tom Yam Chicken Burger Combo – Prices start from RM14.90

Credit: Marrybrown

✅ Tom Yam Porridge

Thai hot and sour porridge is also on Marrybrown’s new menu! The single product price starts from RM7.80, while the package price is RM16.50!

Single – Prices start from RM7.80

Tom Yam Porridge Combo – Prices start from RM16.50

Credit: Marrybrown

✅ Tom Yam Chicken Nuggets

The super delicious Tom Yam Chicken Nuggets start at RM9.50! Packing a copy back to Office and eating while working is also super enjoyable!


6-pc – Prices start from RM9.50

12-pc – Prices start from RM17.00

Credit: Marrybrown

✅Tom Yam Big Box

If you want to taste many new Thai flavors at once, then come to a Tom Yam Big Box set meal! ! It includes a piece of Tom Yam Chicken, a Tom Yam Chicken Burger, six pieces of Tom Yam Chicken Nuggets, French fries, and the super thirst-quenching Nestlé Pink Lemonade, the price starts from RM 25.80! Satisfy your miss of Thailand in one go!

Credit: Marrybrown

✅Tom Yam Fries

In addition, Marrybrown also launched Tom Yam Fries, and only need an additional RM 1.00 to upgrade the original French fries in the existing package to Tom Yam Fries! A single order is only from RM 5.00!

Upgrade on combo – Prices start from RM1.00

Single – Prices start from RM5.00

Credit: Marrybrown

✅ Limited time offer! If you want to eat it now!

In addition, it is worth mentioning that you can get an extra 6-pc Tom Yam Chicken Nuggets for free if you purchase 6-pc Tom Yam Chicken now! This is it for dinner tonight! Prices start from RM37.80!

Those who miss Thai-style cuisine should not miss this time Marrybrown launches a new Thai-style cuisine! The brand new hot and sour Marrybrown Tom Yam Chicken is really YAM-MY! ! You can buy it in Marrybrown nationwide from now on!

Promotion Date: From now on

Promotion location: Marrybrown branches nationwide.

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