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Nominate Your Favourite Brand

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    We Provide Helpful And Educational Articles To The General Public

    My Weekend Plan publishes articles that are helpful and educational to the general public and relate to raising their standards of living in order to improve people’s quality of life. We began by discussing food and the best ways for someone to use their time in the kitchen. We diversified into several lifestyle fields, including everything from home and living items to beauty products to technology and many more. To put it briefly, we discuss food ideas, activities to do in Malaysia, and finding the best products for each person’s needs and budget.

    When it comes to finding the best products to recommend to our readers, we would carefully look at the features, specifications, quality and most of all, the speciality of the products so that our readers can make a proper decision on their choice of product.

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    As many products are out in the market, it can be overwhelming for consumers to choose the best one that would fit their individual needs and requirements. Our team of dedicated and skilled writers put in the hours to curate helpful articles that would help our readers make precise spending decisions.

    Although we create the articles with our product and brand recommendations, we may also miss out on other underrated products and brands that are not mentioned in the list. For example, perhaps you are reading a listicle about the Top 10 Best Butter Brands in Malaysia and notice that the butter brand you use is not on the list, even though you know the butter brand is an excellent product.

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    This is where you, as our reader, can play an active role in contributing to fine-tune our articles further. As a reader, you can help nominate products or brands that you think are of excellent quality and can be helpful to many other people. By nominating a product or brand on our nomination page, you can help to bring more recognition to the product or brand; plus, you would be assisting other users to make a reasonable spending decision if the product and brand are featured in our listicles.

    Our mission is to help local brands achieve more online traffic and brand visibility. With this initiative, it can be much easier for our readers to search for solutions to their problems while also being cost saving with the various recommendations provided to you. It will be much more convenient for readers to search on what they are looking for with a few clicks.

    The Editor Choice

    The “Editor’s Choice” badge is part of our editorial series where we feature products as the best in their respective categories. These badges are Street Food, Product, Service, Food and  Things To Do.

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    We have written about many products that range in different categories by doing meticulous research. We do not believe in recommending a product we would not find helpful. So, when it comes to nominating a product, readers should nominate the product in terms of the quality, functionality and whether it is a good value for money. Other specifications to look at would be product uniqueness and whether it is simple to use.

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    Street Food

    Street food is prepared food or beverages sold by hawkers or street vendors on the sidewalk or in other public areas like markets or fairs. It is frequently offered for immediate consumption and sold from a mobile food cart, food truck or even a food booth. Most fast food and finger foods sold on the street are often less expensive than restaurant meals. Street cuisine comes in many different varieties depending on the place and culture. If you come across any street food that is highly underrated with tasty and unique food items, you can nominate it here.

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    Searching for a place to eat or a cafe that you can spend time in can be difficult if you are someone that does not know a lot about eating places or if you are someone who likes to try different eating places. As a foodie, you should nominate food places with a pleasant environment that satisfies the customers. Also, a good variety of food items on the menu is essential to consider, as the taste of the food served.

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    Many services are provided by people and industries that can make our lives much more accessible and convenient. Services are dedicated to helping us solve our problems as we as individuals cannot solve some issues on our own. This could range from cleaning services to accounting services and many others. It is essential to look at what the service covers, whether it is easy to contact them, the customer service, reviews and how much it costs when placing a nomination for the service.

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    Things To Do

    Sometimes, we as individuals can run out of ideas and activities to do when we are bored or if we want to spend time with our loved ones by doing something new. There are plenty of things a person can do, whether alone or with others. This can range from sporting activities, vacationing, shopping and more. These things have to be worth your time and energy as you do not want to waste your time doing something that is not worth it. The things we do should create meaningful memories that you will be able to hold forever and cherish for the rest of your life.

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