Organize Like A Pro | Smart Ways To Store Kitchenware

Having your kitchen in order not only saves you lots of time and increases your productivity while cooking or baking, it also creates a beautiful space that makes you more motivated to whip up something awesome!

You might be thinking, “yes I want to organize, but I’m not sure how..” Well don’t worry! Here are some super useful tips that are going to help you understand and learn how to organize the stuff in your kitchen better.


These tips will make your drawers look like it was approved by Marie Kondo.

1. Use mason jars to organize your drawers

Image Credit: thekitchn

A lot of times we open up the drawer and all you see is a huge pile of mess and it’s so hard to find anything! Use mason jars to organize similar types of utensils and you’ll be able to locate things better.

Image Credit: thekitchn

Look how easy it is, soup spoons or spatulas, all in their designated places.

2. Create sections in drawers with poplar boards 

Image Credit: christeneholderhome

You can make this a DIY project and customize it as you like or buy this sort of pre-made sectioning boards.

Image Credit: christeneholderhome

Look how pleasing it looks just by creating those sections.

3. Organize utensils diagonally in a drawer

Image Credit: thekitchn

Now this method is super useful for long utensils. Simply create sections diagonally and place your utensils according to the size of the sections.

Image Credit: marthastewart

See it even works for all those baking tools.

Wasted spaces

This is for making sure all those wasted space in your kitchen is put to good use.

4. Side of countertops

Image Credit: cdn.apartmenttherapy

This is incredibly smart! It not only makes use of that space on the side of the cabinet well, it also gives you more space in your drawers or other areas since you have placed those utensils here. All you gotta do is attach some hooks at the side of the cabinet and ta-da.

Image Credit: thechroniclesofhome

This even works for kitchen towels. Simply attach the towel bar on the side of the cabinet.

5. Side of cabinets

Image Credit: thechroniclesofhome

Install floating shelves on the sides of your cabinets to make use of that space efficiently.

Image Credit: myperfectnest

Try to install shelves with colors that match the cabinet or the finishing in your kitchen to make it look more pretty.

6. Under the cabinet

Image Credit: woohome

Storing your cutting board under the cabinet is another smart way to use up wasted spaces.

Image Creadit: cdn.makespace

This is another cool way to use the section underneath your cabinet. Screw the mason jar caps to the underside of the cabinet and you are done! It is a pretty way to display your nuts, pasta and snacks hehe!

Make it look like art

Using certain objects like pegboards, wire grids and more to organize your kitchenware can give an aesthetic appeal that also looks like a work of art.

7. Pegboards

Image Credit: casadevalentina

You can install a small one like this.

Image Credit: casadevalentina

Or a huge one to hang even your pots and pans with a pegboard.

8. Wire Grids

Image Credit: makespace

This gives that minimalist appeal.

Image Credit: pinterest

You can even add a little shelf to the wire grid to store jars and cans.

9. Use a ladder to hang utensils

Image Credit: cdn.makespace

Add some herbs and this looks absolutely cozy.

Image Credit: goodhousekeeping

You can even paint the ladder if you like to match the theme in your kitchen.


Now this is the easiest place to get messy. So here a few ways to tidy it up.

10. Use baskets

Image Credit: wingsviewathome

Just by using a basket, you make things look so much more organized.

Image Credit: hisugarplum

Now your counter space is not going to look so cluttered.

11. Use trays

Image Credit: blesserhouse

A woven basket type. This looks really pretty right?

Image Credit: pinterest.

This is also rather famous nowadays. A wooden tray.

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