Puncak Alam Funfair Tragedy: 3 Visitors Fall Off ‘Sotong Ride’

Funfair tragedy struck again when two women and a child got injured after falling from a funfair ride called ‘Sotong Ride’ at Eco Grandeur, Puncak Alam, last night (December 12). 

Image Credit: Facebook

The victims fell off the ride while it was in motion and were taken to the hospital. It was reported that one of the victims was seriously injured, while the condition of the other two was not yet ascertained.

Several viral video clips and photos have been spreading on social media, showing the ride losing control and the victims falling.

Kuala Selangor district police chief Ramli Kasa said the case will be investigated as one of the operating without a license under Seksyen 6 Enakmen Hiburan dan Tempat-tempat Hiburan Negeri Selangor 1995.

Image Credit: @/nislea_ & @/plankton_leader (TikTok)

A TikTok user commented on how the rides at amusement parks are not well-maintenance, while another user noticed that the ride looked imbalanced. 

Image Credit: @/ykiklkyay & @/asmaq13__ (TikTok)

One user also stated that other visitors riding the ‘Sotong Ride’ at the time of the accident must have been nervous witnessing victims fall out of the ride while they were still spinning around.

Funfair tragedies are not uncommon in Malaysia. We hope that the organiser of funfairs will take responsibility for maintaining each ride before opening it to the public to avoid any more accidents from occurring again. 

Source: FMT / mStar

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